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Last Update: October 04, 2015

Good morning everyone. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here in Houston and I’m building my business before heading out for the day.

I set up my Facebook pages last night, one for each website and had a great idea. I’m sure others have done it as well (are there really any new ideas?) but here is my attempt at it. I’m hoping to get to 25 friends and fans so I can get my own unique url at least on Facebook.

I’m hoping the great networking family here at Wealthy Affiliate will do me the honor of helping me get a jump start on my friends/fans list on my social media. I promise to do the same on yours, just be sure to list them in your comments.

Facebook – Cathy Onwa (my personal page)

- Ways to make money online

-Ghost Hunter College

Google+ - Cathy Onwa

Twitter - @cathyonwa

Linkedin – Cathy Onwa

Pinterest – Cathy Onwa

Ghost Hunter College

Looking forward to seeing all of your on social media. Thanks for the assist.

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DebSa Premium
Great idea Cathy! Consider it done.
BushiAntz Premium
That's a great idea :) I will follow you on all your social media :) If you don't mind can I PM mine to you?

Hope all is going well at the moment for your pages and website :)
Cathy2219 Premium
I'll do in morning
BushiAntz Premium
Alright thank you :) I will be looking through your pages tomorrow as well and share some of your content. Hope that helps you :)
Slappie Premium
This is the perfect time for halloween
Cathy2219 Premium
I'm a little behind but trying very hard to catch up...that's for the idea
Labman Premium Plus
It isn't a new idea, but it can be a powerful one. Getting a following in facebook isn't easy these days. Your best bet is create a community that people take an active interest in.

Halloween/October is a good time to promote Ghost stuff.