Fishing for compli . Oops! . comments!

Last Update: July 26, 2016

Looking at my site, the interaction is pathetic. Completely DEPRESSING. So few comments and social media shares it's frankly horr-rible, and being new to all this stuff I don't have a lot of followers on things like Twitter etc.

So I'm offering an exchange here...

Pick any page on my site Leave a comment and help me Share it - and I'll do the same for you?

I will be able to pick up your website if you enter your website at the comment area but posting it here too would make sure I don't miss it. If you have a preference about which social media you'd like clicked - please mention it at the same time.

Yes, I know there's a Feedback option for Comments here but that earns me credits and at the moment I need comments and shares much more urgently.

Sorry to beg but I'm feeling pretty desperate about this stuff.

Cheers. :-)

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MSteelMojica Premium
ok I posted a comment but did notice a typo... Maybe I'm wrong haven't slept in days...just read it through see what you see..
... Here's to your Success! Be Patient with yourself...smiles
CateR Premium
I've just seen it - THANX!
Let me know when your own site is starting up and I'll pop over and visit too.
theresroth Premium
I hope I was able to help, you deserve it, your access is terrific, and you give the reader an easy experience......☺

Ultimateless Premium
Just curious...have you looked at any of the top performers websites here?
CateR Premium
Hi Ultimateless ... :-))
Yes - turn me a little green, get ideas but I'm careful not to copy anything.
Ultimateless Premium
You don't need to copy...research is the key and laying out on paper what will make an inviting website.....if you need help with ideas I have done a blog on it...because at the end of the day you really want organic traffic and a growing readership...look at PjGermains website Residuals....I want you to be successful!
CateR Premium
Thank you Ultimate for that kind thought!
I went and looked at that site (in-depth) and yeah - it's one of those that put a distinct tree-top hue to my ... bark!

Are you trying to tell me something nicely? If so, I'm thick in that dept - spit it out. I won't take offense if you tell me my site is awful and I should be doing xyz not abc. ...I'll appreciate you even more then! :-)