My 1st Google FEATURED SNIPPET (That I Know Of)! I Can't Sit Down!

Last Update: Aug 17, 2022

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I am in love.

His name is Google.


Oh wow!

Did I say "WOW!"?

Google Featured Snippet Honour

Here it is.

My 1st Google Featured Snippet, that I am currently aware of:

Someone on LinkedIn pointed me to this earlier and I admit that it took me some time to believe it.

In case you're wondering, here's some insight into how Google's Featured Snippets work:

Out of 10.2 MILLION results, Google chose my blog post as their Featured Snippet for this search query.

To say that I am humbled is putting it mildly.

This was a 2022 goal I set for myself and I worked diligently to achieve it.

Thank you!

Nathaniell for the One More Cup Of Coffee.

Kyle and Carson for our WA Community

Prince Partha for all your Potions.

Everyone in WA who inspires, motivates and pushes me to do and be better, every single day.


Recent Comments


Well done Cassi!

FYI, you can look at what URLs you have that have various rich snippet enhancements within Google Search Console. It's located on the left side and they're called Enhancements.

I'm doing an entire month of 'Enhance Your Site With SERP Features' in September: Regards,

That will be awesome Jay

That will be awesome, Jay!

Coincidently, now that I have this process (keyword research, writing quality content, promoting content through appropriate networks) I selected some of your SEO training.

I will go through them before you start that series in September.

Thank you for reaching out and extending your support.


Congratulations, this is a great achievement.


I think so too, Alex.

Thank you.

Well done Cassi proud of you and your achievements and won't be the last either.


Andre, that is what I am working towards.

Consistency is the key and I am doing my best to keep that going.

So good of you to support.
Thank you.

You are always welcome Cassi and I know you give it you're all in all you do.

Have a great day
Andre :)

Wow! The results just keep getting better. Nicely done, Cassi. :-)

The results come when you work at it consistently, Susan.

Thank you.

Something to yell about.

It is really excellent how the peer support helps as much as the training.

Peter H

Peter, sometimes our peer support is more valuable for me.

What we have in our WA community is truly priceless.

Thank you.

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