2 Referrals, 1 Sale, 6th Income Stream - While You Were Sleeping

Last Update: October 20, 2020

One of the blessings of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) that we should be making greater use of is branding. I have shared a little of this before and I would like to highlight it again because of the success that I am experiencing with my WA Brand, Cassi Of Troy.

Our WA Blog Posts Can Become Our Lead

We spend a lot of time in our WA Community - blogging, learning and sharing. If there was one thing that I would have liked to have emphasized more when I started at WA it would be knowing that what I write here will become a brand and a website of its own.

Think about that for a minute.

You each have your own website hosted on the my.wealthyaffiliate.com domain, right?


So, in fact, you start out with your own website and you are in fact building it with each and every blog post that you write here at WA!

I have always disagreed with the comment that we do not get anything for writing blog posts here and the success I am now enjoying because of my blogging here is proof of that.

All this work must lead to something.

While You Were Sleeping

No, WAmbassador Twack, I am not referring to the $182 million, 1995 blockbuster with Sandra Bullock. I am talking about Cassi. Although, I will not frown at $182 million if you call me Sandra.

Yesterday, I shared that at the start of October, I landed a new Client and will be doing a series of training modules for their employees, after I shared my WA tutorials.

2 Referrals

Well, lo and behold, that Client quietly referred me to 2 prospective Clients and, after a brief telephone conversation today, one has turned into a sale.

1 Sale

This new engagement is training-related but will be rolled out to Supervisors and Managers as E-Books to support their management effectiveness. The Client, unknown to me, spent some time combing through my blog posts here at WA and also on my professional development niche website.

He was impressed with my writing and content and now wants to build out an E-Learning library for his team.

I will be using this Client to launch my E-Learning Vlogs, which is one of my Sophomore year 2 goals at WA University.

This will add an additional USD 500.00 per month of retainer income, which will grow as the engagement grows.

Think User Experience

An interesting thing that this new Client shared when I asked him if he needed a proposal was that he made his mind up "while sleeping". He woke up with the decision on his mind and called me as soon as he got to his office.

This is EXACTLY how business, more so, business online, works.

You never know when a visitor is combing through your website, what experience they are having, who they are talking with or what decision they have on their minds - until the BUY!

Check Out Partha's Blog Post

Partha was walking in my head and wrote a really good blog post about E-Books. I suggest that you check it out and keep it in mind. It really is a good way to monetise your work and add another stream of income for yourself while building your organic traffic.

I have suggested to him that he makes it into a WA training and I hope that he does.

So, now I am managing 6 income streams, right here at WA. Some are growing faster than others and are more lucrative for now.

Did I plan this when I arrived at WA?


But, along the way I started to see the potential and the possibilities and, so can you, if you stretch and change your paradigm.

I am quietly working on my 7th income stream and will share more about that later on.

Stay tuned! 😉


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Marilyn65 Premium Plus
Cassi! You are my north star! I just started here at WA, and am loving every minute I spend, learning, creating websites (even
hough I don't yet know how to do anything with them), writing pages and posts.......
I am going to be iumpinginto your wake, and following your advice about stretching, changing paradigms, and creating MSIs!
Thank you!!!!
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
You are very welcome, Marilyn.
I appreciate your kind words.

There is a lot of potential for us here at WA.
Thinking out of the box helps to see it all.

Eugene Premium
What else I can say about you? It's time to look at how you're doing your business and take the lead from your example. You have been such an inspiration and I don't see you slowing down anytime soon. Congrats Cassi, you've done it again. 👏👏👏👏
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Thank you for your very kind words, Eugene.

I trust tat all is well with you.
etseil20 Premium Plus

I agree that working on branding is important. Knowing how to do it right can bring great potential to your business.

I’m so glad to see you making great progress with your income streams. I can tell you’re putting in effort and hard work to make them real streams.

Kudos to you, and thanks for sharing!


CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
You are very welcome, Eric.

Do know that you can be just as - or even more - creative.
The possibilities are endless.

HildeRegine Premium Plus
Excellent Cassi! I like how you stress User Experience and that every post is building your website and brand. You have been so good at building your brand.and I always learn a lot from your posts. I have not written any Ebook, but I will definitely look into that too.I am so happy for you!
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Hilde, thank you for your feedback and encouragement.

The fact that what we do at WA is an open book, provides us with innumerable opportunities to monetise and grow our businesses.
It is all up to you doing sufficient research, being creative and trial and error.

Find the balance that works for you.
Clinton30 Premium
Awesome stuff I'm very excited on your behalf just wish that I was business minded as well because if I was I would have come up with a way to pay for my first month's premium which I'm struggling to figure out how. Once again awesome stuff and a good read all the best for you and your future success.
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Clinton, thank you for your very kind words of support and encouragement.

Follow the WA training and implement as you go along.
Success will follow.