Outa My Mind for the Holidays

Last Update: December 16, 2016

Hi everyone!

Just taking a moment to check in and say hi. Winter is upon us in a horrid way ... snow...snow...snow. Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised; it is northern Michigan, after all!

My website has languished lately, as I've spent 2016 traveling for 2-3 weeks at a time, every couple of months. Working around a leisure traveling schedule probably sounds idyllic, but it does take a toll; the home days are full, and the nights are spent quieting my brain by vegging out. Not that I'm complaining; my husband and I both spent our younger years working very hard to earn the privilege of traveling, and we're enjoying everything we do. However, it is not the way to create a web-based business.

Not a problem. The day will come when full retirement will set in (he's been retired for several years), and traveling will take the form of snow-birding adventures. I imagine that what I'm learning here will come in quite handy then.

I turned 65 last month, which makes me a full-fledged member of the Medicare set. I find myself waxing philosophical every chance I get, which happens frequently enough to dispense dollops of wisdom, and infrequently enough to avoid repeating stories. Most work days are spent teaching folks how to breathe through anxiety, radically accept the unacceptable, allow depression to surface in measured doses, access inner humor, and take a long view of life. No matter what the presenting problem is, the approach is called, This Is Your Life. How Do You Want to Live It?

Ive been impressing on a frail 94-year-old woman lthe need to use a walker to get around. She doesn't want to do that; evidenty, people can still suffer vanity in their 90s. This week, she finally brought one in with her ... her medical staff all cheered for her as she walked with me to my office ... turned out that she had found it in the waiting room and decided to use it in order to stop me from nagging her if she didn't. Well, it worked, didn't it???

Whoever said that nagging doesn't help was wrong; there's some research out there that correlates daughters' future success with mothers' nagging. For real! It doesn't quite work the same for boys, though. Go figure.

I just tried to download some images in order to make this post look better, but everything came up sideways. What's up with that? Back to the learning curve ...

Good night. Over and out! Back soon ...

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MPollock Premium
Happy Holidays dear
CarolEll Premium
Thanks! Back at you!
agirl-afloat Premium
This post made me chuckle. I like your style! What's your website and what are the favorite places you've traveled to this year?
CarolEll Premium
thanks for the follow. I'm reciprocating. Nice to meet you! Check out a private message from me to answer your questions.