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March 01, 2017
Hi everyone -It's been 2 very busy months since I last posted a blog here. Winter holidays, then a busy January at work, and then our second consecutive year of snowbirding, this time in North Carolina. I have also been rethinking my website - adding new material and a blog, broadening the focus, and making some cosmetic changes. I haven't done anything with it yet. I've been absent but not permanently deployed.I had occasion to show me website to a new patient today. You can imagine my surpris
December 16, 2016
Hi everyone!Just taking a moment to check in and say hi. Winter is upon us in a horrid way ... snow...snow...snow. Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised; it is northern Michigan, after all!My website has languished lately, as I've spent 2016 traveling for 2-3 weeks at a time, every couple of months. Working around a leisure traveling schedule probably sounds idyllic, but it does take a toll; the home days are full, and the nights are spent quieting my brain by vegging out. Not that I'm complai
November 20, 2016
So, about 2 weeks have passed since my last post, and I see that I'm in danger of falling out of the top 200. I've come to accept that that's OK, because I'm not particularly contributing anything to WA these days.I'm writing just to check in and say hi; nothing more or less. I wish I had more inclination to write, but I don't. My timeline for involvement just hasn't worked out the way I had hoped.I want to wish everyone in the US a wonderful Thanksgiving Day on Thursday.Carol (using new work
November 04, 2016
Wow!! It's been 2 months since I last checked in on WA, and I see that I've been missing some things. I've been spending my weekdays working on one thing or another, and spending a lot of my non-work time processing the myriad lessons I learned on my recent "trip of a lifetime." I've also been increasingly missing WA and the online friends I've made here, so I decided to check in. Hope all is well with all of you!!I spent 3 weeks in September visiting Mongolia, China and Tibet. I'd never bee
September 05, 2016
I arrived in China this afternoon for the start of a 19-day trip to China, Mongolia and Tibet. I don't know how often I'll check in while I'm here.I'll be back.....
August 31, 2016
This is a quote that Facebook assigned to me twice as a personal statement, so it must be true. Actually, I do believe that it describes my life philosophy quite well!Gratitude is one of the most important ingredients in joy, if not THE most important; at least that's what current psychological research is discovering. The other ingredients are acceptance, compassion, meaning, and forgiveness.Gratitude can become a habit. Just focus on things for which you are grateful, several times a day, for
August 29, 2016
Imagine what life would be like if we referred to ourselves as "human doings" v. "human beings!" Stevecox and I joked about this the other day, and decided we'd do something to promote it (both of us came of age in the 1960s, which might have something to do with this, as we apent all those years contemplating our navels to find answers for the universe!)If you were taught from early childhood that you were a "human doing," how do you think that would affect you now?
The first home that I remember living in is a 3-bedroom, 1.5 bathroom gem, located in northwest Detroit, in an attractive, tree-canopied neighborhood. I lived there from ages 1 to 13. This is what it looks like now.Evidently, over the years, awnings and shades were installed, and flowering bushes, majestic greenery, and handrails removed. Otherwise, it looks the same. I'm glad to see that it's in such good shape, and that the neighborhood has maintained much of its vitality.It was in that house
August 26, 2016
I saw the following motivational image on that veritable storehouse of wisdom, Facebook, just as I was thinking about writing a blog. How perfect!As I'm spending increasing amounts of time working from home, my daily rhythm Is changing. Some days I wake up late, get up late, and dress up even later. Once in a while, my pace is slow enough that I fail to show up, and therefore don't accomplish anything. But I NEVER give up! (Fortunately, those no-show days are decreasing!)I have full confidence
August 22, 2016
Just writing a shout out to all the folks who have been following me, whom I haven't thanked personally yet. Peeking in and out of the blogosphere for the past four months has taken a toll on my social skills ... So I'm writing now to issue a blanket thanks, and to note that I'm reciprocating with everyoneI definitely appreciate the WA community, and your presence in it!Let's go from strength to strength as we all master our online business adventures!