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September 21, 2015
Phew! At last page 1 on Google, position 5 for the principle keyword chain of my home page.The keyword phrase is "learn how to fly an rc plane". there is one long established website at No.1 followed by three YouTube links and then Mine.Am I chuffed or what? My site is
September 01, 2015
It's been said many times here on WA that success takes time and perseverance. Being prepared to learn as you go and follow the amazing guidance given by others here.Someone once told me that I needed to "be prepared to do whatever it takes" to be successful.Now this has major implications, especially if you live somewhere that does not have the facilities necessary for you to succeed in your chosen direction. Would your dream of success be strong enough? Ask yourself whether you would be prepa
I have been doing a little research into what is driving forward Social Media Advertising.It seems the general consensus of opinion in the world of advertising and marketing is that Social Media Advertising is thriving, and with the ability to target such specific audiences at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising it comes as no surprise.The future seems very bright for Social Media Advertising. It gets you up close and personal to your target market and opens up the flow of communi
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Over the last few days some encouraging things have started to happen:1) I have dropped below the 1000 position in the rankings!2) I have virtually completed the content of my website www.rookiercflyer.com3) The home page of this site now appears at No. 7 position on page 2 of Google for the low hanging fruit keyword "learn to fly rc model planes".4) The comments on my site have been awesome and I can only thank everyone who has contributed for their amazingly kind remarks.5) I now have three p
I am still getting comments on my siterubix site which I have now transferred to my domain Can I transfer these comments to my domain site and how do I prevent further comments coming through to the siterubix site?
I installed "Ultimate Social Media and Share Icons" plugin but it slowed my site right down. Every page was taking over 15 seconds to load. I have deactivated it and back up to speed again.I do want to have the social media icons on my pages & posts but not if it slows my site down so badly. Can anyone help please.
I have noticed that many of the blogs on here are only to ready to present tales of woe, giving us their sad life histories. I'm sorry if what I am going to say offends anyone but I have spent far too much time reading through blogs on here that follow this trend. Everyone of us is in total control of our destinies. The decisions we have made during our lives have resulted in us being where we are today. Every obstacle that we encounter provides us with an opportunity to take a path toward our
June 23, 2014
Hi Everyone, The last month has been a testing one for us. We have been entertaining a number of friends from the UK at our place here in Spain. Three of these friends are entertainers and we have been heavily involved with the organisation of show dates for them. We are also in the process of selling our house prior to moving to a new place in the hills. Several weekends have been taken up with transferring stuff to the new home. Last week we flew to the UK to attend a wedding and have just re