Achieving Success with WA

Last Update: September 01, 2015

It's been said many times here on WA that success takes time and perseverance. Being prepared to learn as you go and follow the amazing guidance given by others here.

Someone once told me that I needed to "be prepared to do whatever it takes" to be successful.

Now this has major implications, especially if you live somewhere that does not have the facilities necessary for you to succeed in your chosen direction.

Would your dream of success be strong enough? Ask yourself whether you would be prepared to 'up sticks' and move somewhere else that could provide what you needed for that dream to become a reality? This really determines the strength of your desire for success.

Fortunately here at WA such extreme moves are unnecessary. The internet can be accessed worldwide. There are very few places that are inaccessible to internet services. So no-one has any excuse for " not being prepared to do whatever it takes" with their WA success programme (I am English!).

I saw a lovely quote in a blog comment recently:- "How do you eat an elephant? Answer - One bite at a time!". Slow but sure, check and double check. If you make mistakes, learn from them, correct them and move on.

Success to ALL


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copperdell Premium
Well said and posted Colin

PIOFJR Premium
One step at a time . Nice Carol and Colin .
timsproducts Premium
Great blog Colin ;)
carcol Premium
Thanks Tim, getting there!