I Think I May Be Getting Somewhere!

Last Update: August 18, 2015

Over the last few days some encouraging things have started to happen:

1) I have dropped below the 1000 position in the rankings!

2) I have virtually completed the content of my website www.rookiercflyer.com

3) The home page of this site now appears at No. 7 position on page 2 of Google for the low hanging fruit keyword "learn to fly rc model planes".

4) The comments on my site have been awesome and I can only thank everyone who has contributed for their amazingly kind remarks.

5) I now have three posts in my blog section of the site and a further seven ready to be published.

Quite pleased with myself really but you know what they say: "pride comes before a fall" so maybe I should stop crowing and retire humbly while things are good.

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RobinTheresa Premium
Congratulations on your accomplishments. You are on your way to a wonderful online business. Keep going with your training there is more great things on the way. Robin
fairo Premium
Interesting site - unfortunately I could not go any further because of the password protection. Wishing you success.
carcol Premium
OK, thanks Fairo, I'll have to take the password protection off if it stops everyone using the site.
fairo Premium
Well done - will visit your website