Facebook Crash Is A Good Signal For You

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Since Facebook made the change to how it displays your news feed last year, it hasn't stop falling.
Even crashing recently, bringing back Warren Buffet on the N3 spot of the richest persons in the world.

A Good Signal for YOU Affiliate Marketers

For many years, it was easy for big companies, brands and people who want to run adds to drive awareness and being seen:

They just need to post on Facebook and run adds, it was so simple and convenient.

It was so easy that even newbies with the right training can see good results very quick.

However, since last year, it's not as simple as previously and to make it worst this method doesn't work as well as it used to be.

In this competitive and constantly changing Online World, many brands realize perhaps they have to get back seriously to the old adage:

SEO and Contents Marketing.

Alexa Tells Me What the Future Looks Like?

As you can see on the illustration above, the 2 websites that are rank 1st and 2nd belong to Google, Facebook is only 3rd.

Just last year you can find Facebook on the 2nd spot.

This is a good opportunity to build up your online marketing skills as a WA member.

You probably made your best investment for your future by becoming a WA premium member.

However, you will be able to benefit only if you follow the learning they dispense at WA. Keep writing good and interesting contents that deliver great and accurate information to your readers. And understanding how to use SEO at your advantage.

Is it Time to Say Goodbye?

Burying Facebook now is a little premature, I believe they will make a come back, it's just a matter of time.

Focusing on content marketing is the way to go, yet, you should always have an eye on which platforms can help you reach your Goal:

Building an Audience you can convert into cash

Facebook is going nowhere, it would be a mistake to just stop using it.
This is true for all social medias and marketing platforms.

Wind Of Change

What you've learned here is the wind is starting to change direction and of course, you should always follow the direction where the wind is blowing.

Like the weather is always changing, so do your online journey.
Spending some time to stay up to date will save you time and moneys.

The Best Lessons Are the Ones You Learn from Yours or Others's Mistakes

Honestly I prefer to learn from others's mistakes:), it's Free and Less Painful.

Any online business such as affiliate marketing won't be easy, even when you work like hell and putting in a large amount of effort.
It's because is a game that keep changing, one day it will this that work and another day is something else.

Before you ask yourself what you did wrong and why it doesn't work, perhaps you should consult the weather first and see in which direction the wind is blowing.

Always go with what news and work, however, don't forget the old.


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Great post with awesome info. Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing the info Calvin.
Something to ponder.


Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, Joe.


Thanks Calvin, you have made a good recommendation.

Thanks to you Lanu for dropping by.

Timely information Calvin thanks!

You're welcome, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

Super loaded post full of goodies to know! .... lesson here is to check the weather forecasts .... lol ... keep well & all the best to you for every success, cheerio.... :)

Yes, knowing the weather is good way to protect yourself from all kind of illness :)

Any shakeup is good news

Any shakeup is good news

I also believe so.
Changes are good, it makes us think.
Thinking keep us alive.

Great post Calvin. Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for dropping by Victor.

Interesting reading - I have a series of FB pages and to be honest I consider them now a waste of time.
Doing FB adds also is far more expensive that PPC with bing in my opinion for the amount of clicks and sales you get.

Quality content is the primary focus now with low QSR - wont be bothering with anymore FB pages

It's interesting what you said with Bing, I'm very interest to try Bing PPC, I heard it converts pretty well.

I always use Bing as a search engine and I'm pretty happy with the results. I'm a Microsoft guy, I never used Google products before.

I start using them since I joined WA in fact and I have to admit they have their benefits. However, I keep using Bing for search more often than Google.

I also prefer Bing Translator to Google Translate.

But, I'm willing to try all kind of tools if they're good, it's the best way to stay up to date. And I don't want to miss a thing.

I've missed a lot of opportunities because I was too stubborn.
Having an open mind is definitely a game changer mindset.


Hi Calvin
Thank you for this Informative Post .Full of relevant content and Advice
Much appreciated

Pleasure is mine David.

Thanks, for dropping by.


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