Calmkoala and the Exceptional Bears!

Last Update: January 04, 2020

Much has been said by many about this shiny new week, of this shiny new year and the possibilities which lie ahead for a whole NEW DECADE 😊

Mostly, I threw myself over the start line of 2020 back into WA with a huge sigh of relief that the past relentlessly stressful 24 months were over!

Much of it has been spent supporting friends and family with health issues and I have loved being able to spend more time than I would normally with people that I care about.

Much time was spent in long conversations learning fascinating facts about past family members I had never heard of before.

Another challenge presented itself when I found myself having to create a new mode of income after damaging my knee at work and being ‘medically retired’.

Well, that had certainly not been on my radar!

After continually rummaging in my toolkit of employable skills, I kept coming back with the notion that this should be seen as an opportunity…not a difficulty.

Now, here was my chance to prove myself with all the time that I had spent learning at WA… and it has to be said, ‘faffing around’ trying to be confident enough to put it into practice.

Now I had no choice… bills to pay and food to buy!

So, sitting down asking myself, who am I, what can I do?

A mum with a son who bought her the domain name ‘Calmkoala’ because he said, she’s ‘mostly cuddly, but with claws when needed’!


After building a rudimentary website for them, these exceptional bears have seen us through the past few months.

Now I have time to return the favour by coming back to WA and continuing with my learning to give them a website where they can be proud to belong!

I am so happy for them to be part of the WA family with me, in a work environment which helps me to be constantly curious and makes me smile all day!

Have a peaceful, positive and productive start to 2020, to all who knew me from previously and all who I hope to come to know from here… Sue

“You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem…

and smarter than you think.”


Winnie the Pooh 😊

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CordeliaN Premium
Hello Calmkoala,

Great post, yes this is going to be a tough time but just like we have read previously sometimes the universe or karma has a way of presenting itself, this is going to be your time. You will run your new venture like a proper business and less a hobby, yes it may take time, longer than you had hopped, but it will happen.

Are you from Oz? If so I would like to extend a prayer to your poor Koalas, wildlife and all of the people effected by the continual and unrelenting fires burning through your beautiful part of the world. It is a sad and tragic turn of events I just hope rain happens soon or some other intervention... 🙏
Calmkoala Premium
Hi Cordelia, many thanks for taking the time to read and comment, I really appreciate it. Life does get in the way sometimes, but we have to keep on going!

So, I intend to have fun while keep going, which is easy here at WA with so many supportive friends and colleagues! Have a great week, Sue 😊
gerryheb55 Premium
Thanks for sharing Sue, hope the rest of your weekend is jsut wonderful!! 😊

Gerry 👍🏻
Calmkoala Premium
Hi Jeff, it was a bit tough to write, normally I stay on the cheerful side of life. But I guess it's finding the balance when tough stuff happens!
Now its onwards and upwards! Much appreciate your kind comments, you have a great week, Sue 😊
Joes946 Premium
Great post and you have an exciting journey ahead. Hold on.
Calmkoala Premium
Hi Joe, good to hear from you! Hmm, something tells me that I might need a seatbelt, but it's going to be worth the all the effort, Sue :)
Twack Premium
Looking forward to sharing in your journey and will try to stay on track with the three P's.
Calmkoala Premium
Great to see you passing through this part of the world, I look forward to the fun in trying to keep those 3P's on track! Sue :)
ERichardson1 Premium
Good afternoon my friend, yes indeed you are ready for 2020. With all my spirit I wish you all good things throughout this year.
Calmkoala Premium
Good to see you, it's a pleasure to hear from you! Many thanks for your kind words and I wish you a very positive 2020, Sue :)