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I spent a productive few hours yesterday and again today going through the first two modules of my copywriting course. Understanding and learning all about researching niches, creating offers and creating urgency. So much to learn and I found it surprisingly fascinating. I thought I'd write down what I've learnt so far. This course is packing in a lot, so I'll just give you some Cliff notes.It turns out there's a lot more you need to do before you actually start writing than I had previously th
That's an interesting headline isn't it? The idea behind it is the question: Would you jump at an opportunity or just sit on the sidelines and let it pass you by?It's a common conundrum we face, isn't it?When we're in a lockdown that no-one has ever experienced anything like before with time on your hands, it's strange the sort of things that you ponder and consider.My time since it began, has been spent trying to juggle my business and supporting a vulnerable family member who has started to n
Much has been said by many about this shiny new week, of this shiny new year and the possibilities which lie ahead for a whole NEW DECADE 😊Mostly, I threw myself over the start line of 2020 back into WA with a huge sigh of relief that the past relentlessly stressful 24 months were over! Much of it has been spent supporting friends and family with health issues and I have loved being able to spend more time than I would normally with people that I care about. Much time was spent in long
After an enormously 'challenging' two years, where I lost the time and to be honest the drive to pursue my own agenda, I woke up this morning and found this in my email tray... an 'Award' for 3 years at WA. I have reflected regularly on how I miss the enthusiasm and drive that working my own small WA corner of the internet gave me, with the encouragement of such supportive colleagues. But with a series of serious issues that loved ones have needed my support with and other personal challenges
Well… here we are in 2018! The part of the year where I need to constantly cross out the date and rewrite it during most of January, until the conditioning for remembering the correct year kicks in!This seems to be a regular mental block as I have no other issues with a New Year. In fact, at this time of the year I am usually motivated to take a fresh look at how I am managing and consequently find myself trying to ‘up’ my game. This year I am determined to… Mak
November 24, 2017
My Friday has certainly not been Black! It’s been a challenging few weeks juggling the expense sheet… Now I just can’t stop smiling, as I have managed to sign up to ‘WA Yearly’ today. I have the freedom to keep on rolling with my websites and build my business without worrying about the payment every month. Whoop, the relief is fantastic! So, I’m afraid that you guys are stuck with me for the foreseeable! I’m here to stay and am so excited to be abl
September 11, 2017
As I have been slogging away on my sites for the past few weeks, the great WA ranking saga mostly past me by without much notice. But, during the last few days the international news has drawn me out of my cosy comfort zone, as I have become more and more concerned for colleagues and friends in the path of hellish Hurricane Irma. Leaving my now familiar routine of plugging myself straight into the Site Manager and Site Content areas and wandering around the outer reaches of WA I discovered&hell
August 28, 2017
The new WA ranking system set me thinking about life and challenges! Please excuse me if today’s blog is longer than usual, I just felt the need to explore the concept of hierarchies 😊 Not in a particularly deep and meaningful way. But I found myself falling back on an integral part of my professional practice. I decided to explore a bit deeper about a person I have quoted all my working life, but knew very little about. Employing curiosity, a skill that entrepreneurs know m
August 25, 2017
Please join me in welcoming my newest addition to Wealthy Affiliates! Meet Top-Baby-Products… Tucked up cosily in the bottom right corner of my profile page! Very new and not been out in the world for long. So, I am still quite protective of my little one! But would really appreciate any constructive thoughts or support. Meanwhile, help yourself to tea and cake… to toast a new addition to the family! As with any new arrival, I will be quite busy for a while, but still here! D
August 23, 2017
Wow… well that was a hectic, emotional four days! I am finally back at my desk after much travelling between a niece’s wedding and the very next day moving on to a very dear friend’s funeral. My niece and her new husband had worked very hard to provide a lovely day for the people they loved, to say thank you for all the love and care they had experienced during their life to this point. It was a very moving, personal ceremony (even sunshine!) and everyone had a beautiful da