1,2,3 And I'm Off!

Last Update: September 11, 2017

As I have been slogging away on my sites for the past few weeks, the great WA ranking saga mostly past me by without much notice.

But, during the last few days the international news has drawn me out of my cosy comfort zone, as I have become more and more concerned for colleagues and friends in the path of hellish Hurricane Irma.

Leaving my now familiar routine of plugging myself straight into the Site Manager and Site Content areas and wandering around the outer reaches of WA I discovered…

That I have been hovering around the 100 mark in ranking and have now gathered over 2000 followers! How did that happen when I had my eye off the ball?

I guess it’s true, stay focussed, work hard, then rinse and repeat!

Over and over and over again…

As for No 3, I have been mulling over plans for a third website which I intend to set up.

But not yet as I am still developing my Baby (bottom right on my profile page), who I am determined to build into a sturdy toddler as soon as possible!

Meanwhile, I would like to send grateful thanks to all who have joined my network and those who have unstintingly supported, inspired and motivated me through some tough times.

May you move unerringly towards successful goals… and writer’s block or procrastination never touch your creative souls!

Have a positive and productive week my friends,

Keep smiling, Sue 😊

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halinphilly Premium
Just checked out your "babies". You're doing a wonderful job "raising" them. But are you sure you're ready for a third? lol
Calmkoala Premium
Hi Hal, good to see you, thanks for popping by! Really appreciate you taking the time to look in on my 'babies' and your kind comments.

The third one is hovering at the 'planning' stage at the moment. Those two are quite boisterous enough to be going on with for now! Many thanks :)
speedking Premium
Thanks for sharing Sue, well written and yes definitely keep on smiling.

Take care......................Johan
Calmkoala Premium
Johan, it's a pleasure to hear from you! Many thanks, Sue :)
subcpo14 Premium
Positive and motivational. Thanks J
Calmkoala Premium
Hi Jay, many thanks for stopping by and your kind comments! Have a great week, Sue :)
MKearns Premium
Find the best way to put creative content out there Sue. More sites are great if you can handle the load!
Calmkoala Premium
Michael, as always I much appreciate your wise advice. I have to admit to often taking it even when it's offered to others! Many thanks, Sue :)
WarrenK1 Premium
Good post, Sue. Such a great, positive attitude. I'll be following you because I want to see how you continue to progress. All the Best. Warren
Calmkoala Premium
Hi Warren, it's a pleasure and a privilege to have you aboard! Sue :)