Living in the UAE

Last Update: December 20, 2013

Here we are, now living in the UAE. For those who don't know, UAE stands for United Arab Emirates. My wife has a job teaching in the Emirati school system. I home school my two boys as she teaches and I will be doing WAU durring and after teaching hours 5 days a week. Plan to put in 15 hours per week this way. Should work out nicely.

If you have read my last post you would understand why I took a hiatus from WAU. Now with our house rented in Idaho and all of our worldly possessions sold, we sit here in the great sand box of the world ready to play. Literaly play in the sand both at the beaches and on the dunes. Buying a 4X4 Mitsubishi Pajero tomorrow. We have 3 weeks off for Christmas break then it is back to work. Yes, Christmas in an Arab country. My new year includes WAU as one of my prime resolutions. I will keep you posted on my efforts and successes.

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mama2karsten Premium
I agree with Patty... a family adventure ahead.... Merry Christmas and Happy New year...
Sounds like you guys are moving forward and adjusting nicely... What an education for the kids.. Nice! and continued good luck...
findingemo Premium
Sounds like you have an exciting adventure ahead of you. You seem to have everything figured out and I'm sure you'll do very well with such a clear schedule and being able to focus on what you learn here at WA.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.

Patty :)