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Last Update: July 06, 2015

Mindfulness defined purposely paying attention, in the present moment and without judgement. Mindfulness is intentionally becoming more aware of the present moment and not judging whatever you find in that moment; observing the present without putting labels on it. Mindfulness is something I have a problem with! It has truly affected my ability to write content for anything these days. So back to training my mind to pay more attention to the current without judgement. I need to notice when my mind starts wandering and to bring it back to the moment at hand. Tuning in to what is happening now????? Openness and acceptance for all words big and small....

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lewhat7 Premium
Great comments! You know the first step in solving a problem is to be
honest about having the problem. I really feel you will get back on track
and do quite well. Hey! I am guilty of having a mindfulness problem
myself - from time to time. Your awareness of your problem - and your
pledge to something about it - is truly remarkable. Kudos!
Loes Premium
Yes we wander a lot around, it's really hard work to stay focussed and in the now:)!
GregKey Premium
best way to be here and now is practicing it... this is amazing skill.