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July 06, 2015
Mindfulness defined purposely paying attention, in the present moment and without judgement. Mindfulness is intentionally becoming more aware of the present moment and not judging whatever you find in that moment; observing the present without putting labels on it. Mindfulness is something I have a problem with! It has truly affected my ability to write content for anything these days. So back to training my mind to pay more attention to the current without judgement. I need to notice when my
I love this Chinese proverb! These are somethings that are on my heart that I would like to share with you, so often life is like a race. A race for money, popularity, jewels, shoes, clothing, and even LOVE. Being happy with what you have and who you are is the bigger picture. God is trying to show us but all those other things tend to blind us. When I was young status, and money,and cars and shoes and jewels and being at that main event really, really mattered.Well, I thought it did.....So
This was a thought I needed to answer being a first time blogger. What should your first post be about? How do I set it up for a business? What will keep people coming back? And the list goes on. As you can see I am a big thinker and I try to do my best at what I put my mind to. That first post is terribly important, because it sets the tone for the blog, not just for the readers, but for the writers as well. From the reader's point of view they would like to know this from there blogger.1