2 Videos on Page 1 Of Google in 19 Minutes Brand Awareness is Important.

Last Update: June 06, 2015

Now don’t get me wrong guys this is Brand Awareness only. There are some searches for the keywords but its more brand awareness than anything else.


Before anyone buys from you they need 3 things.

1) To know you.

2) To trust you

3) To like you.

People buy people not products or services.
If you want to sell what John Brown Buys, then just look through John Browns eyes.
If John Brown is repeatedly seeing your brand then the trust is being built. He’s more likely to visit your website and see what the commotion is all about.

Obviously it doesn’t end there, now he’s on your site you need to convert him further.
What problem / problems are you going to solve for him today?

What pain is he in?
What can you tell him, to solve his pain?

If you want to know a man, then walk a mile in his shoes.
I’m not being sexist ladies; it’s just easier and shorter to use the male gender!
So click with your audience and you will do well.

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DIGGER12 Premium
Hi Dave (bullet) great to have you back, great post and reminder about who are targeting. Great video :-) the second one is has a man putting a under construction site up ( just so you know)
bullet Premium
Thanks kerri, I put up the construction site guy for a first post to populate the website. It's good to be back :)
bullet Premium
The site has changed quite a bit and all for the good. Really slick I love it.
bullet Premium
Tried to put the image on the blog, I must be doing something wrong. The tech stuff will be the death of me. Thank god for WA :)