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Last Update: April 06, 2014

This blog post will be an ongoing journal updated regularly with my thoughts and experiences as I build my online business with the support and encouragement of the Wealthy Affiliate Community.


Wow! I failed miserably this week when it came to the goals I set for myself. Now I'm not one to make excuses; however, I did get a new client this week with my regular freelance business so my time was limited.

I still haven't gotten my site live! I need to do this and stop procrastinating! I don't know why I'm holding back, maybe it's the fear of failure or maybe even the fear of success. I have a road map laid out in front of me here at WA and my experience as a web designer definitely gives me an edge but I still feel lost in some way. Time to get serious and figure out what my priority's are.


  • I felt very helpful again this week which I hope I will be able to continue to do. More members are coming to me for advice and assistance and each time I'm able to help my confidence in my ability's get a little better.
  • I have 192 followers
  • Rank went from 358 to 165
  • I wrote 3 blog posts and created a test video


7 days into Wealthy Affiliate... I AM SO TIRED! I don't think I've slept for more then an hour a night since joining! Just so much to do.


• I helped 5 other members complete things on their websites that they couldn't figure out how to do. Loved It!

• Started a discussion where members could post their Wordpress problems and I would help solve them. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/everything-wordpress/wordpress-problems-solved/a_aid/1441f2c5

• I now have a total of 120 followers

• Rank went from 850 to 358

My Thoughts:

The last few days have been fun. I've been chatting it up in the chat room, commenting on peoples posts, starting discussions, and helping any chance I can get. My confidence in getting myself out there in front of other members is definitely improving.

I feel I'm building a strong network. I try and talk with each person who choose to follow me and let them know what I can do for them. I want them to be more then just a thumbnail on my account page.

Despite all the great experiences I'm having and all the fantastic people I'm meeting, I'm still not spending enough time on developing my own site and business. I can't forget why I'm here. Yes helping others is a great thing but I believe I could help them even more if I had a live site and functioning business. This would show those who are struggling that it can be done.

Next Weeks Goals in order of highest priority:

• Have 1st site live!

• Put initial marketing strategy into play

• Help 5 members do something they can't do on their own

• Write 3 new blogs

• Start a discussion on Mentoring

• Increase followers to 220

• Reach rank 250


- So it's my 3rd day here at Wealthy Affiliate and everything is going pretty good. I'm still getting a lot of support from the whole community, they really make you feel like you belong.

- Rank went from somewhere around 10,000 to 850 and I have 43 new fantastic followers in my network!

- I just posted my 3rd blog "Successful Site Setup Series: Choosing Brandable Domain" I think it's a pretty good one, I hope everyone else thanks so. I plan on doing a whole series on the topic.

- I'm on Course 1, Lesson 5, I've gone thru a couple of the lessons multiple times to make sure I understood everything, but I've created my site and now writing content to add to it.

- I'm a graphic designer and I wanted to stick to what I knew so I choose to start a niche blog site about Logo design where I can offer tips and advice. There are a couple companies that offer logo design services that I'm signing up to as an affiliate.

- However, I'm not sure if I choose the right niche for my site... they say the first one usually fails anyway and I didn't want to spend too much time second guessing myself so we'll see what happens.


- I signed up for the free starter account and was instantly impressed with the warm welcome I got from the community.

- By the end of the day I knew I had found the place I needed to be where I could get the support and resources to accomplish my life goals. I thought “why wait” and upgraded to a premium account.

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urtimelyal Premium
Hi Buck, You were just found by me with the help of Larry Hoover. I'm glad I found you. Larry speaks very highly of you.

It looks like you may be starting a log (diary) of your WA experiences. That could be very valuable to you as you move forward. You're sharing it with us should be instructive as well as inspiring. I sure look forward to following you. - Al Hurley
BuckTaylor Premium
Thank you Al... very kind of you to say, If I can inspire others then I'm already successful! I just hope in the end, I can instruct, inspire, and show others that this whole idea can work if you make it work.
freedomforus Premium
WOW! With your experience, knowledge and attitude plus a little guidance from WAU and our community I see a bed of roses for you and your family. I'm SUPER-SERIOUS!

I want to be working together with you. My age is "many" - my skills are "few" but I have gobs of DESIRE (some time as well). Give me an idea(s) as to how we can best help one another. Thanks Larry freedomforus
BuckTaylor Premium
That's probably the most awesome thing anyone has ever said to me! I'll take DESIRE & AGE over skill any day...

I know for sure there is something we could work together on and help each other out, we just need to do a bit of brainstorming. Maybe we could do a joint venture site or something. I mean this is a community of affiliate entrepreneurs why not team up on a project, that would be awesome...

I'm so sorry, I've been saying awesome a lot lately and I don't know why, probably a lack of awesome words to use :)
urtimelyal Premium
Larry, Who said you couldn't write? Whoever did probably does not do much reading. The underlying place of desire and age (experience and wisdom) over skills is a wonderful concept. Desire and age are the motivators for acquiring and developing skills, aren't they?

Thanks for helping me locate Buck's profile and leading me in his direction. I was in the dark. It was very easy but awful when you're stuck in a mysterious cloud of ignorance.

I am in the process now of reviewing all he has posted and will be in touch with him. His profile indicates that Buck will be a gift to the WA community in many ways, technical and beyond. - Al Hurley
divadejunk Premium Plus
Welcome to WA and Congratulations for upgrading to premium. Success is within your grasp. All the best to you!
BuckTaylor Premium
Thank you, I'm very excited!
nathaniell Premium Plus
Congrats man. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. Keep us updated!