Selling My Bootcamp Site!

Last Update: January 09, 2019

Hey all!

I really don't know how to go about letting people know about this any other way - so feel free to let me know if this breaks any rules. That wasn't my intention!

I'm currently working quite a few projects simultaneously and I've found that I no longer have any need (or time) for my Bootcamp site.

There are currently 23 posts, 6 pages, and 126 comments.

The posts average 1800 words, and are all written to a very high standard for solid KWs. The domain was registered last Summer so has had a bit of time to age nicely for SEO.

I'm tempted to sell this site on Flippa - but since I owe so much to WA, I thought I would try seeing if anyone in the community was interested in picking it up first (for a steal) as a way of 'paying it back'.

I really don't want to get this flagged for spam/self-promotion, so I'm not going to include any links.

But here's where it's at...

The site gets pretty much zero traffic right now - so it's better to see it as buying a pre-made site all packaged up with high quality posts rather than an active business. I'm not looking to get the best possible deal here - just to hand it over to someone who can dedicate more time to it than me!

The truth is, I'm just looking to get this sold and off my 'to-do' list in a hurry - and I thought that of all the people I know, the WA community might apprecitate a pre-made and high quality bootcamp site.

If you're interested, just drop me a PM and I can send you a link to the site.


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FKelso Premium
Good to offer it could find someone who really wants/needs it.
Cav1966 Premium
Perhaps yes i like the theme and layout pm me curious for sure
DonnieNorton Premium
Hi Ben,I really appreciate the fact that you want to check to see if what you are doing here violated any of the rules in WA. Personally I don't see a problem with it as you did not post a link to your site. I'm sorry you have no more time for the site but I'm sure you will get some people interested in it. I would suggest that if somebody asks for the URL that you send it through a PM. I wish you all the best
btwilkins Premium
Thanks Donnie!

Yep - I knew I wasn't spamming, so I would that's why I would have been frustrated if it had been flagged as such.

Just genuinely offering a very solid site to the community for a low price. Everyone benefits!

Thanks again.
sfortson Premium
What a great offer!! If I had more time to dedicate to it I would take it, but my plate is full already, at times its over full lol.
btwilkins Premium
Thanks regardless!
BenjisDad Premium Plus
What's the URL and how much?
btwilkins Premium
I'll message you concerning price.