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Last Update: May 17, 2018

I've promised to redo the social media module today. I've been through it once, but I just breezed through it because A) it holds absolutely NO interest for me and B) I guess it scares me as it is something completely new and foreign to my way of thinking. As I've said before, I am a serious introvert.

I've put it off as long as I can this morning so here I sit finally ready to go through this module again. It's odd because I know that to be successful I will need to use social media and yet I'd almost rather go to a dental school for a tooth extraction by a first day student with no novocaine.

I'm going to write this blog as I go through the social media process as I know there are others out there that feel as I do. This is going to either be a really long blog or quite short depending on what I find in this nemesis of mine named social media.

Level 4 Section 1- Set up 3 out of 4. I skipped Twitter. Maybe later, but my old fingers aren't nimble enough to be shooting out short messages on a tiny keyboard. Why do my profiles have a string of numbers instead of a pretty link like Kyle's? Not too bad, yet.....

Section 2- Talks about Akismet which I know is no longer needed. Why don't they update training? Eyes beginning to glaze over. Social engagement? I knew there was a reason I didn't want to do social media.

Lesson 3- You had me set up a FB page only to tell me that most people don't get good engagement of their posts including Seth Godin??? Eyes are drooping. Looks like a waste.

Lesson 4- Pinterest, This sounds more interesting to me. Eyes are opening again. Maybe all is NOT lost.

Lesson 5- Twitter, Thanks, but no thanks. This looks like an even bigger time waster than FB.

Lesson 6- Google +, the best part of this is that since Google owns it you should be able to increase your Google rankings fairly quickly. I'll probably use this one, but wish I knew how to change number string to something nice looking.

Lesson 7- The benefit of being social at WA. Can earn affiliate commissions and increase popularity quickly by bragging of your accomplishmants at WA. I really don't care about popularity, but commissions are always nice!

Lesson 8- Basically become your own brand. To me this is nonsense, a waste of time. As an individual you are as good as your last post. You aren't Nike, WalMart, Michael Jordan, etc. I'm Bryan and that's all I ever want to be. If you want to be Joe or Suzy "the brand", go for it. I'll be right here, still Bryan....

Lesson 9- How to use your WA links to earn referral credits. Seen this before eyes closing.

Lesson 10- You Cannot Be a Master of Everything. Their title, not mine. This pretty much says it all for me.

While I may use Pinterest or (what happened to) Instagram once in a while it won't be often as I'd rather focus on content. All of these sites look like great big time sucking vacuums to me. If I'm posting there I can't be creating content, or helping others, here.

For those off you that find social media useful I'm happy for you. As for me, Ross Perot once said, "that giant sucking sound." That's what social media is to me. Your mileage may vary ;-) I'd be willing to bet that the higher the income of the individual the less time they spend on social media sites. Don't look for my posts on social media networks anytime soon.

Best of luck in your online journey to success!


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accad Premium
Social media should be the expansion area of your site. Spend time on your site content and expand the good news on the social media.
Bryan8 Premium
Yes sir, I've come to the conclusion that now is NOT the time for me to be playing with that while trying to get my site functioning and studying WA.

Best wishes to you in your journey.
accad Premium
The decision and time are all yours. But I myself have learned new thing about social media as you pictured each clearly.
MarkBa Premium
I get how you feel about it Bryan! The problem with social media is that it operates on the premise that everybody is equally suited to mass crowd socialisation. This has never been the case for everybody, not before social media appeared and not afterwards. It's a hard one for those of us who don't naturally feel at home with social media since it seems to play such a big part in all communication these days,

~Mark :)
Bryan8 Premium
All I can say to that Mark is Amen!
JerryMcCoy Premium
I totally understand.
Bryan8 Premium
The only thing that I can say about social media with a great deal of certainty is that I won't be spending much time on it!
TitaWorks Premium
Your thoughts on personal "branding" match my own, I think. Never going to be more (or less) than Netta...which is a pretty scary thought all in itself. Hee!
Bryan8 Premium
Yeah, my sentiments exactly just sucks substituting Bryan for Netta!
Joes946 Premium
Thanks Bryan.
I've been an introvert for over 80 years. I personally don't care much for Social Media, however, it is a useful tool, so I use it.
Hope the lessons get better!
Best wishes
Bryan8 Premium
For me I think the best they got was I won't be wasting time there.