Hey guest greeting repeating

Last Update: June 11, 2016

Getting a little fed up with being greeted as a guest every time I access a WA email notification. Still no reply from Kyle to my private message about this over a week ago.

Another glitch? Or just indifference to my difficulty

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Marcel92 Premium
Sorry, I am not familiar with this guest situation.
theresroth Premium
This is unusual in the system.
Does anyone have an answer (?)
paulgoodwin Premium
H try to mail Kyle again but check you email settings and maybe pm Kyle
Ecowarrior Premium
Definitely a glitch with your account, and it needs fixing as soon as possible. All I can suggest is to register with support again and PM Kyle and Carson again until you have a response. Wish I could help you further.
Regards, Lisa
Dreamer56 Premium
Those damn gremlins must still be running around David
JudeP Premium
What are you experiencing difficulty with exactly? Sorry if I've messed the previous question :)
Brookline Premium
OK, so as you are someone I am following I get notifications of all your posts. I click on them to view. They open up at first for me to read, but in the question box, at the head of the blog, it keeps on welcoming me with the greeting "Hey guest"
If I try to comment on your blog it will not allow this , instead I get a drop down invitation to join WA ... Or a log in form to fill in.

Logging in then enables me to make a comment ... But with perhaps 20 + e mails you can imagine the time wasting involved.
This has never happened in the previous 10 months .. So why now?
JudeP Premium
Oh I see. I can only repeat what others have said which is to contact support again and Carson. Wish I could help :)