Dealing with FOMO as an affiliate

Last Update: June 28, 2021

Is FOMO real?

Do you think that you're a FOMO sufferer?

Do you spend your waking moments thinking about everything you need to do, meetings to attend, time is running out and you haven't done everything on your To Do list and the repurcussions of not doing those things? The horror!

Then my friend, you just may have a touch of the Fear of Missing Out syndrome.

As teens, we may have wanted to attend every party, football game and movie premier. Heavens if we missed just one - our popularity would plummet and we'd lose friends for sure! FOMO!

As human beings, the fear of missing out is a very real psychological reaction. We worry about being left behind e.g. when our fellow affiliates' rank keeps moving and ours doesn't; we worry that time is running out on that sale of gidgets we've been waiting on since last season; we're anxious that our friends in the US, Canada and Europe are vacationing and having dinner outside, while we're still on lockdown counting the bricks on the bedroom wall....again!

Although FOMO can be associated with stress and negative emotions sometimes, it can be channelled to motivate into positive action - specifically buyer behaviour. Think about it.

We're all business owners here at WA with a focus on generating leads and moreso, making sales. As I mentioned above, FOMO can be triggered when we want to partake of a time-sensitive deal like a sale. Black Friday sale! Cyber Monday sale! Memorial day sale! Christmas sale! The lists are endless.

The FOMO is activated when the pressure of not taking advantage of this opportunity becomes real because who knows when the next activity/sale will happen?

The result?

A compulsion to take action before it's too late or risk missing out!

FOMO marketing tactics

Here are some techniques we can consider and apply to our businesses:

1. Create a limited time offer - As easy as connecting a deadline with a discount or a promotion. Nothing creates buyer angst than bringing urgency into the picture.

2. Peer pressure - Showing how other people are buying, joining or downloading is a neat way of putting subtle psychological touches into your promotion. Tech companies are great at this when pushing a new app, phone or computer.

3. Show scarcity - How many times have you heard the line "until stocks last"? Another subtle but smooth tactic to get buyers to move. 4. Sweeten the deal - make it exclusive! Like dangling the carrot in front of the hare, showcase deals only for your loyal customers promoting access to this special user community and its unique promotion prices or exclusive content.


FOMO marketing (yes it's a real concept), can be applied anywhere to any business or niche. Every human, whether they wish to admit or not, has some form of FOMO - so that includes your target audience, making it an effective marketing tactic no matter the industry or product/service.

Be mindful though, you want to be responsible and not manipulative when using this tactic. At the end of the day, while you want sales, you also want brand loyal customers who trust you. Remember, people want to be persuaded to do something that's in their best interest, and not 'coerced' into doing something that's in the interest of your brand.

If you have any thoughts on this concept, please feel free to comment below. I would be happy to hear from you.



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Newme202 Premium
I believe I have some aspects of FOMO
Who doesn't?
Our curiosity and competitiveness sometimes get the better ( I guess maybe I'm talk about myself Lol)

We want to take every opportunity and experience every moment and if not we will think we are missing something

Sadly, this also brings out our Shiny Object Syndrome in us and before you know it, we develop other 'conditions'

As an entrepreneur, if we personally has FOMO, we need to be careful on how we market our products and services because we could be seen as pushy, salesly and manipulate to the point of driving our customers away and getting a bad reputation as well
Brongsugah Premium
Hello Simone. Thanks a mil for taking the time to read the post and also for expanding on it to the point that you have i.e. shiny object syndrome.

So very true. We do have a responsibility to prospective and existing customers that we remain trustworthy and dignified in our quest for business success. I appreciate your input. Cheers!

Newme202 Premium
Always Maria ;)
Jesusfan Premium
Hi Maria, I don't know if I've given much thought to whether I struggle with FOMO but I suppose I do in some ways.

I'm not far enough along in my marketing to think about anything except writing and how I structure my articles, but I agree that, in general, FOMO marketing strategies work.

Brongsugah Premium
Hello Lynn. Thanks a mil for taking the time to read the post. Yes I do think that we all have FOMO in some way. Like you, I'm not about to implement any of these marketing tactics in the short term, but it's useful to know they exist. Cheers!

I definitely believe I have a Fomo
all jokes finish
Brongsugah , I know people suffer from this Fomo
I have seen friends and family
But I definitely not
This is good Marketing tactic
All tattic are good in marketing but the FOMO
Is a very good one
Wonderful post Brongsugah
Keep it up
Brongsugah Premium
Lol! I think we ALL have FOMO in one way, shape or form. It's a pretty interesting concept that I would not have previously thought to formally apply to marketing. But we see it every day and participate many times. Interesting stuff! Thanks for reading Hentley! Cheers.

Dhind1 Premium
To some degree, we all suffer from Fear of missing out. It is a rare person who can say I am content, and I do not want/need anything.

Tapping into those wants and needs makes us marketers and the better we are at doing it the better off we will be.

As we grow older, we simply move the goalposts ourselves and what we want/need changes with us. We also learn how to internalize the want/need. How we go about fulfilling those changed wants/needs depends on how disciplined we are.

Brongsugah Premium
Hello Alex, another good way of looking at the concept as you always bring another perspective. I do appreciate the "moving the goalpost" bit, because that is so true of us as human beings. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Take good care.

GeoffreyC1 Premium
I think we all are if we are honest.
Brongsugah Premium
Agree with you Geoffrey!