Sweet product discount for typographical errors!


Hello business friends,
How is everyone doing? I'd like to share something with you to show how important it is to write legibly. When you're writing a blog, it's always good to check for typographical errors whether it's a W.A. blog or your website blog, or even if you have an online business.

Allow me to share!

A few weeks ago, I was browsing an online company that sells supplements. The company was not offering any discount on the supplement I needed at that moment. So, as I was browsing around, I found two typos. One was in the "Call To Action(CTA)" line and the other was in another paragraph.

Having no way to get a discount, I thought of connecting with the customer service chatbox. I told the person there that this site doesn't look professional. It has typo errors and I pointed to the area. The person said to me, "Let me take a look".

I've waited for almost a minute. The person said, "I see sir." The person then asked, "are you planning to buy anything today"?. I replied, yes. The person then said, "use this link when making a purchase". It was not specific as to a discount or anything else for that matter.

I proceeded to add the products to my cart using the given link. I made a three months supply order which was supposed to be for $105.00 with S&H but came out to be for 49.99. That was more than satisfying. It was a happy moment. So, I made another order which was a total of 6 months supply for only $99.99.

I considered it a "special offer" for correcting typographical errors!

The whole point here is that your business should look professional. For that person to give me a steep discount on a product that was worth 200 plus dollars for only $99.99, showed that it was taken seriously. The person did not hesitate to keep a customer happy, thus building a great relationship.

Another quick story:

There was a local news blogger that wrote an article. I saw that it was poorly written and I had contacted the person through the email about it. I told the person that the blog was poorly written with typographical errors. The person wrote back with a "thank you" and said that "it will be corrected right away". It was done within 20 minutes. Knowing that the blog was getting attention and traffic, the person didn't want to look unprofessional.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you making sure that your blogs are legible for your readers/visitors? Do you just write or do you write with professional standards?

Thanks for reading.--John

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This is great John.

I've done something very similar to what you've done.
However, I didn't get rewarded other than thanks.

But, it reminded me of my wife, she does couponing.
She looks for typos in coupons and finds them often.

The stores have to honor the coupons as printed.
One time she came home with 15 pounds of cheese.

She paid next to nothing and used every coupon.
We froze a bunch and gave some away to family.

As for my typos, I made a bunch early on with my site.
I use the Grammarly extension now so not nearly as bad.

Except, you still have to be careful with content using Grammarly.
Sometimes, it's wrong in what it deems the correct terms may be.

They gave you a nice break on the price as thanks!


It's true that not every company will reward you for something like this, friend. But I think it's the way I had communicated with them. I did it to see if they would take it seriously, which they did. This by itself tells me something. It's better to look professional with a good reputation.

I do use Grammarly and other spell checker tools to help. This can help you to have fewer or no mistakes at all. I rather do it this way than look unprofessional. I appreciate your comment. All the best!

Nice one John!
I am really pedantic about spelling and grammar and I have politely and positively brought a number of these errors to the attention of various bloggers and, more often, advertisers on local selling pages.
Mixed responses, ranging from thanks to abuse, so I am now more selective with which articles I comment on.
Great fun though!


I agree with what you're saying, friend. But I think the way I've communicated with them, had prompted them to take action.

I haven't experienced a negative reply yet from anyone.
I would like someone to do the same to me if they find any errors.

This only helps me to be better as I strived to look professional at what I do.
I appreciate your comment. All the best!

I never thought of contacting someone to tell them about a typo, but that's a great idea, John. And obviously, it paid off for you. I suspect you would do it whether it benefitted you or not, though.

I definitely would want someone to point out to me if they found a typo. I am pretty conscious of that type of thing and I put everything through Grammarly, but I'm sure it could still happen.


I didn't do it for the discount, friend. Lol! I did it to see what would happen. As you can see that I stated that I was given a link without knowing if it was a discount. That really was a surprise.

Prior to that, I've corrected a news blogger for our local area. I didn't think that the person would reply with a "thank you". The person had corrected the mistakes within 20 minutes. That said something. I appreciate your comment. All the best!

That's what I meant. Sorry if it sounded like I thought you were hoping for a discount. I think it's a great idea and one I could see myself doing in the future just in case the person responsible for the website would want to know.


Don't worry, friend. I understand. All the best!

Thank you John.
Typos have a way to sneak in, sometimes even when proof reading you are reading what's in your mind. If you have some one to give a second opinion, that should be great, but in absence of that, there is need to go over your content once in a while to correct some of the typos or even grammatical infelicities.
In essence, we must be careful for what we write.

I agree, friend. I know this for a fact. When I write something and proofread it, it may look alright. But there are times when I go back to it, it made me look bad due to errors.

I'm using Grammarly and other spell-checking tools to help with the errors. It is amazing what these tools can find. I appreciate your comment. All the best!

Be careful doing that John, you may get a job as a content writer.
It certainly was worth doing though. You were paid well.

Lol! I wouldn't want it. It's just something that stands out to me. I wouldn't mind others doing that to me, also. We may have the best tool to make corrections.

But there is room for human mistakes as well. Lessor no mistakes will make you stand out as a professional while earning your reputation. Thanks for commenting. All the best!

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