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Hello Business friends, How is everyone doing?I want to let everyone know that it will be my last day being active in the W.A. community starting tomorrow. No, No, No! I'm not leaving W.A.!When I first got started here at W.A., I didn't know anything about building a website or how to do affiliate marketing. W.A. has taught me so much and I am still learning. I will be here at W.A., but will not be interacting with anyone after tomorrow. I will come here for the training and check on my websi
Hello business friends, How is everyone doing? I'd like to share something with you to show how important it is to write legibly. When you're writing a blog, it's always good to check for typographical errors whether it's a W.A. blog or your website blog, or even if you have an online business.Allow me to share!A few weeks ago, I was browsing an online company that sells supplements. The company was not offering any discount on the supplement I needed at that moment. So, as I was browsing
Hello business friends at W.A, I would like to wish my fellow veterans the best on Veterans Day. You've made the sacrifice to protect our freedom. A big "Thank You" to you all. I salute you for all you've done!Stay alert, stay strong. ----John (Vet.)
November 08, 2021
Hello business friends, Good evening! Today, I would like to spark a conversation about what Google knows of you. I'm sure you have some idea, that whatever you do on your device, a company like Google and others alike know what you've been up to. But do you ever wonder how much a company, such as Google, knows of you? Google's file cabinet. Hah! Hah!Let's face it. This is not new. Your browser says a lot about you. A big company like Google makes
First, my DarthVader victory dance! Lol!Hello business friends at W.A., I just signed in to W. A, and there's this message box that states that I have received my two years dedication badge. It didn't feel like it is 2 years, but it is. I wasn't keeping track of time, but time was keeping track of me. Lol!I still have a lot of learning to do. I will continue to be active in the community as I work on my goals. Sometimes, I do think about when I first got started, how I didn't know what to d
Good evening business friends, How is everyone doing this evening? I have gathered some infomation as to why your visitors are avoiding your e-mail list. May you find this useful. Note: Most all of your money will come from your e-mail list. If you have not known about this before starting affiliate marketing, don’t feel bad. I didn’t know this as well. I used to think that most of my monetary gain will be directly from my blog posts.Try to start your e-mail list from the very be
Hello business friends, I've put together some ways to make some passive income. These ideas are up to you to be considered if needed. Passive income is one way to get involved without having to do any daily work. It's sorta like setting it up and collect the profits. So, if you are new to affiliate marketing, you can do this on the side, while concentrating more on your daily goals. Let's begin:Various ways to make a passive income (10):1) Get people to join W.A. and collect on paid m
Hello business friends, I'm writing this post to bring reality. Most people that I know outside of W.A. and inside of W.A. can't wait for the New Year to come. I can see the frustration for this year to be over. But I am thinking differently. What is happening now throughout this year will be carrying over into the new year. I'm talking about the pandemic that is affecting us all. If you're paying attention, the pandemic will last for a while. Nothing going to magically go away as soon a
Hello business friends, I have information on a free Optin plugin for your website. It’s called the Optin Forms. It was developed by FancyThemes. It is simple to use and doesn’t have fancy templates. It also doesn’t have advanced features like the other list building software solutions. But it comes with 6 awesome form designs which you can customize by changing all texts and fonts, including colors of any element.It’ll work with Aweber, Mailchimp, icontact, MadMini, Int
Hello business friends, I've renewed my yearly premium membership! It's been a 1yr and 4 days. I learned so much here from the W.A. platform including from the wonderful and helpful members. The knowledge I've gained made me feel like I have developed superpower over the internet. Lol! I can build a website and watch it comes to life. None of this was possible before joining W.A. Okay, enough of my little bragging. So if you are thinking about going from a starter to premium or higher, the