I'm Going to the Super Bowl.XVII!

Last Update: February 02, 2020

It's Super Bowl weekend!

The will never be the same!

Back in 1982, I was in a changing season, as a single mother, with 2 young kids!

Quite early on, into my first marriage, I decided, "This isn't working", and left, Dad with the house, and ME with the kids, to an apartment!

As it happens, my cousin, Mark, began, the exodus from Michigan to Texas, with my help.

Soon, my Aunt Barbara and Tommy and Bobbie followed.

Meantime, Mark's friend Laurie was also coming down.

Laurie was a go-getter, and Mark, ... still to be determined.

I evicted my cousin, Mark, ...but stayed friends with Laurie as she got a place and settled into to Texas!

Laurie was with a travel agency, selling airline reservations.

DELTA, remember them??

Delta had a promo, for each Delta reservation, you had Bingo card!
Get 5 reservations and there's an entry for chance at winning a

"Trip for 2 " to Superbowl XVII!

Laurie's Clarity of Vision was set, and sent out...

She was going to win that trip!

This contest went on through football season, and each time Laurie got another entry she'd call and share the news!

Meantime, Laurie's love life was rather tenuous... She was still seeing my cousin, and we had a friend in Dallas, as well! It's the 80's folks!!

One day, Laurie stated rather matter of factly,

"Barb, if I win this trip, I'm taking you! Whenever you and I go out, we have fun! I want to see Hollywood and take a bus tour! If, I take Mark or Chip, ...They won't want to do anything but, ... hang-out in the hotel!"

Laurie wins and off we go!

All went well, when we reached LAX, Friday evening. We had dinner and found the hotel bar, for just a bit.

Next day, we were off to tour homes of Stars!

Not big on idols, I really can't say whose houses we saw, but I took pictures and we had an enjoyable afternoon.

Time to Party!

We headed out, Saturday evening, hailed a taxi looking for adventure!

I ask the driver, ...Laurie was in charge 'til now, ... if he would take us to downtown LA, so we would be in the thick of the excitement!

He asked, which one?


He then informed us of the difficulty getting back, as bars closed, and suggested this place not far from the hotel.

He was spot on! Good time was had by all.

Who's playing anyway?

Oh, Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins... Not much of a football junkie, I'll admit my ignorance on this subject.

Washington fans is all I remember! Good clean fun, though I did manage to get a guy's from Boston, named Frank, "Love them Hogs" T-shirt!!

Saturday night was FUN, just like Laurie expected!

Super Bowl Sunday!

After, getting up and about taking our time getting ready, we headed to the buses, going to the Rose Bowl, in Pasadena!

Bus ride, was close to half-hour 45 minutes...

On the bus they had a "Finally Tally" pot, I think all put in 1 dollar a guess??

By the time the sheet came to us, most folks had low tallies. Not me! I jumped it up!

off to the game!

What goes into a Super Bowl?

What precision and organization is needed, for such an awesome event!

when We entered, we were given these 1 foot square programs, each with different colors, that folded into 4 sides! Orange, torquoise, gold and deep red.

Hmm... This is interesting!

Have you ever wondered how they get the fans to make patterns, in the stands while half-time program is on?

Each program, tells you by your seat, tier and section, when you need flip to whichever color, and when!!

The half-time was a huge dance team with scarves, and only with the colors of our programs!

"Poetry in motion..."

I'm abashed that this group, slips my memory to share their name, but no time to Google this, now.

*The show was called "KaleidoSuperscope", featuring the Los Super Drill Team and the Los Angeles Unified School District. Kids !!

* I began this article yesterday, first thing, and then had my to-do's. Now, I'm squeezing this part in, as I wait for the gals to come, and we head off, again!

I'll take the Yankee team!

Laurie was all in for the Miami Dolphins! "Shall we bet 5, Laurie?"

For sure!!

Coin toss and game on!!

First half, was not that exciting...

Miami was kicking Washington!

Theyn controlled the ball!

13 Miami...Skins 0

Not sure what happened in the Redskin's lockeroom, but Something certainly did!!

Folks, we have a brand new ball game!

Redskins Defense team ..."Them Hogs"

"The best offense is a great defense!!"

Pay backs are a Biotch!
Second half the Redskins did all the scoring!

Final tally ...

Miami 17 Washington 27

I know enough about football, to be dangerous!

Bets and the odds, I know when things are leaning in a favorable position!

With only minutes to go... final tally was right on my number from the bus!!

Final Tally 44!...That's a hundred for me!! ...If no more scoring!!

Screaming with delight, I paid for later, with a raw throat.

Add the 5 bucks from Laurie, on the team bet, and I went out buying stuff!!

I did get Laurie a souvenir Stuffed Miami Dolphin! ... and for me, a glass mug and probably lighters were my treats!

I had my newly acquired "Love Them Hogs" t-shirt!!

A grand time was had by all!

Monday morning we flew back to Houston, on Delta!

Sadly, it was the worst flight I'd been on, and Laurie!! She was appalled, and one can see, why businesses, fail!



What can we learn from this adventure for use at WA?

  • Have a clear vision of what you want.
  • Find the time to do what is necessary, when it needs to be done.
  • Expect the unexpected, and roll with the lessons.
  • Be willing to change the "Game plan".
  • Be adaptable yet, not compromising.
  • Strive for doing your best whatever the task
  • Be the expert in your Niche.
  • Learn study and grow everyday.
  • Give great service, if you want them coming back!
  • Have fun! People are really cool!!

*Just finished this section, as I'm heading off to Super Bowl gig!

Home now!

Checking the spelling and grammar, doing a little tweaking, but now this baby is ready to go, as scheduled, ...ON game day! I'm trying to do something everyday, here at WA!

With a good feeling having kept my commitment to my self...

Good-bye for now, wonderful WAer's!!

Hope your team is winning!!

See y'all soon around the WAtercooler, I've earned some playtime!!

Best to all,


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cliffordjack Premium
Barb, I like it, i wanted to go to the Super Bowl in Miami Florida.. but didn't
brichnow21 Premium
You didn't know Laurie, Cliff!
Bucket List material...
gnoose Premium

I loved reading this story, it put me right there with you. Glad you had such a wonderful time and made a few bucks to boot. Delta is delta, nuff said there.

I also liked the way you sowed WA into it all, good job.!

brichnow21 Premium
Thank you, Greg!
I happy you enjoyed the journey!
Time and space travel...
PMindra Premium
Hi, Barb.
I remember that game.
Thanks for the great memories.

brichnow21 Premium
It was one memory for the books, Paul!
PMindra Premium
Cheers, my dear.
LLettau1 Premium
Barb it truly was a great game.
brichnow21 Premium
Larry, we're you for the Dolphins or Redskins? LOL
JohnButton Premium
Thanks Barb for sharing that post even though you didn't have fun with Delta Airlines!

Best, John
brichnow21 Premium
I had no problem, really, Laurie was the one upset! How many people she'd sent to Delta?... she did have words with, when she got back, John.