Extra! extra! -"another wa niche discovered!"

Last Update: May 03, 2019

Day 8, and I'm cooking on all 4 burners!

Fueled with inspiration, and today's, early, responsilbilities, out of the way, my computer screamed, "Open ME"!

My inner purpose, the sounds of my own drum, begins to beat!

What is a Niche?

  • a shallow recess, especially one in a wall to display a statue or ornament,

(recess, nook, bay, opening, ...)

"The niche, held the bust of David."

  • a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment.

(calling, vocation, metier/talent, skill or gift}

"She found her niche, when she became a teacher."

How to discover Your Niche!

Solving the mystery, begins with asking questions.

A reporter's job is to "Report the facts"!

  1. Who?
  2. What?
  3. Where?
  4. When?
  5. How?
  6. Why?

Reporters, start with the event, and then discover the "Why".

Discovery, of Your Niche, begins with the WHY.

Why, do I want or desire, this change?

All, living things react to stimilii in their environment. Stimilii will cause a change, major or minor, in ones environment. Instinctly, living things, other than humans, change without a thought.

  • Fish dive to warmer depths, when temperatures drop.
  • Birds migrate, without discussion to the same places, year after year..
  • Babies cry when hungry or wet.

Discomfort or "Pain", in their environments, caused a change in behavior.

What motivated, the above, was the simple need for survival, and desire to get back in Balance with their environment, or biome.

Life is one BIG balancing act!

Action, was taken to deal with the crisis!

What is a crisis?

Comes from the Greek

  • krinein - to decide
  • krisis - a decision
  • crisis- Latin for a decision

Armed with this basic information, A crisis? ...A time for a decision.

Einstein and Edison, were my "poster boys", for MY KIDS!

While decluttering, "The Bucket", of unfinished business, ...my office and organizing my notebooks, post-it notes, and "The Bucket" of unfinished business, I ran acrooss this article,
taken, from AARP, February, of 2018...

Einstein's Theory of Happiness

"A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness."

his, quote was penned, in German. on a desk note pad, back in 1922, while in attendance, of a major conference, in Japan.
This, penned on hotel stationary, was given to a bellhop, in lieu of a tip!

In, Japan, tipping is an insult! ...Not, a practice, for cabs, dinner, or bell hops! Service is expected, not an "Extra".

Relatives, later, sold, this folded note, for 1.8 million dollars, at auction!

"Finding a life-long niche, or a true deep seeded, Purpose for living, this life, stems from connecting with early pains of childhood!"


While, listening, to Zig, on the road to an engagement, I heard this statement! This, is not news to me, but driving is a meditation time, and this just resonated! My thoughts, and notes, of the last few days, have been of this, very idea! Meditating, allows, me, connection, with the vibrations of the Universe, another, huge, topic for another day.

Einstein, was a wonderful example, of taking "pain of ostracism", not fitting in, to become, prolific genuis! Ostricized from school, ...and later his Native land! ...Our, gift to the US!

Einstein, did not speak, with any fluiditity, untill he was 9 years old. Teachers, in school, thought he was "Retarded", which means slow in development. Too, advanced!!

Teachers, lacking understanding of the individual, formed judgements, and opinions, and then, labeld the student!

Their experiences, and education provided, a limited knowledge, base judgements, formed by their limited mind views of human potential!

They didn't know, then, what we know now, about human behavior, and...Ignorance, allowed them to judge, incorrectly!

They, judged him, right off the bat, as "the odd one", ...Einstein was, beyond their understanding!

*Personally, maybe, he really, didn't have much to say, anyway, as mundane conversations, were not something, of which, he cared to engage!

This, is a "tragic" example, lies, taken as reality. Opinions, are opions! Obstacles, to your goals, and growth.

"Who asked, you, anyway?" Sadly, no one, so butt out of my business!"

"What you think of me, is none of my business!" Sounds, course, but it's my mantra!

Most folks, will look for why "I can't", so why bother, asking opinions.

Nobody, but me knows me! I don't need to take a poll, before I, act!

I, share my dreams, only with people, that can "tap into my vision"!, ...an idea, more related to beginning and continuing to persist, toward your goal.

Listening, is more important, than talking! Another, topic, for another another day...

Einstein's early school, crisis, lead to his family taking responsability for Einstein's education, and he was home schooled, when he began misbehaving as an adolesant. Jr High!

He was taken "Out of the box" of conformity, as this guy, did not, fit well in this environment!

Knowing, he was different, became a tool, for success!

Know, thyself!

Knowledge, is Power!

Facts, are, just, facts, unless I can take those facts, and use them for a greater purpose.

Given these facts, about Einstein, I can begin to question?.. how, have I utilized this idea, and how can I, illustrate this, idea most effectively?

"Don't sugar-coat! Just tell me the facts!!"

"We have a situation"!

The Challenger, carried the first teacher into spce, Christe McAuliff. Sadly, no all dreams come true.

How one handles crisis, is vital!

Do I "React", to stimulii, or do I "Respond", to my enironment? Do I live in Drama or peace!

I have the freedom of choice, in how I respond , based, I my ability to accept, personal respons-ability. Quite the paradim!

Personal experience, is what I know! Blessed with my instincts, and the ability to chose, my actions, are my "tools for survival"!

Back to the original objective, How to find My Purposeful, Niche, my Life's calling...

My mission for taking up space, in this vast universe? "We are but a gog, and mere grain of sand..."

          As, a child I could merely, react within, my biome, when the family was in a "crisis". My choices, were not my choices!

          Is it a "Crisis" or a "Situation"

          Do I React or Respond, within the crisis, is My, only choice! I have only the power of my actions, to respond to my environment.

          My thoughts, become my actions, fuel. Einstein, studied, this idea, as one of many.

          What's the difference, between 'Reacting vs Responding"?

          To React-

          Verb, meaning:To respond or behave in a particular manner, in response to stimillii...

          1. : to exert a return or counteracting influence
          2. : to have or show reaction
          3. : to act in opposition to a force or influence
          4. : to move or tend in an opposite direction
          5. : to undergo chemical reaction.

          "When, the doctor checked, my knee reflexes, by tapping with the rubber hammer, my leg, reacts by jumping upward."

          "The witness, reacted by calling 911, when he saw the car flip!"

          Instincts, kicked in, without a thought! Reaction was automatic, to these, major crisises!

          Making mountains on of molehills! Living in the drama?? Not by choice!

          One's crisis, is not necessarily, mine! ...a little aside, here...

          Just, the other, night, my son, called, at 11:30 pm!

          Calls, late? ...What's the crisis? ...decision?

          "Mom, did you take the foil, the other night? I made this chicken, that I need to wrap-up, and I can't find any foil!!!" LOL

          Some, people live in crisis, mode. Some folks love drama!

          -Poor, impulse control, causes hyper-reactibility.

          -Poor, impulse control, lead, the majority, of my students, to my classroom!

          My son's crisis, was not major, to me.

          My response,

          "No, dear. Find a plastic bag, and wrap it in that!

          "Not my monkey! Not my circus!"

          "Re" being the prefix, indicating repeated actions, begins both words.

            To Respond

            1. : to say something in return: make an answer (Respond to criticism)
            2. a. : to react in response (Respond to a call, for help)

            b. : to show favorable reaction (The audience, will respond with applause)

            3. : to be answerable (The patient, responded to the procedure.)

            Difference, between the 2 different words, is the matter of intensity, or passion.

            To react is immediate!

            To respond, we must pause.

            "Stop, Look and Listen, before you cross the street!"

            1. STOP any action!
            2. Analyze, assess, and objectify
            3. Wait!

            Elementary education!

            Seems like the answer to most "situations" or crisises.

            Need for personal Respons"ability"...

            or how will I chose to respond to any "Situation" or crisis.

            Practicing the 3 B's

            • Be quiet!
            • Back-up!
            • Breathe!

            This little exercise, has been used to "Control, my big mouth!", and provide more productive responses, to crisis, or "Situations".

            When, agitated, or feeling a personal attack on my EGO, I would react, and ratioanlize or justify, my behavior, by snarky retorts, or arguing!

            Keep, digging your hole, Barbara!

            Shutting, my mouth, stopped the "Dance"!

            Backing up, removing myself from the "negative energy field".

            Breathing, allowed, me to retain, inner balance of the rational and irrational thoughts.

            Intellilect, wins over emotions, while deciding the next action. Think, before you act!

            Having, calmed down, or disfusing the "situation", .. assessing, was now, possible! I could wait, until the proper time to respond.

            By the time, I do respond, my communication, is based on logic, not emotions, providing clarity, toward necessay, future actions.

            How I found my Niche!

            Becoming self-aware, by anaylsis, of childhood, reactions, and being objective, about their effects, I'm now, able to learn, from my past, and use this experience to transform my behaviors, in the future. I will make better choices in life, in order to deal with my discomfort and pain.

            Simply, put, ..."We, change when the pain of remaining, becomes greater, than the pain of the change!"

            Why and what, do I want or need to change, to balance, my environment.

            What action must I take?

            "Riders, on the Storm", an earlier blog... Describes a bit of my childhood. and the family's trip to Europe, back in 1960.

            Find the motivators of the pain, and create solutions, based on our rightful talents.

            "The Pain! The Pain!"

            By 8 years, old I became painfully aware of family issues. As the youngest, of 3, I was best, "Seen, not heard", for the most part. Add, verbal dyslexia, surrounded by a family of brainiacs, my place or purpose, in this place, ...became a life-long challenge.

            I, was a mistake, dumb, and fat...etc.

            "I coulda, been a ballerina..."! Ha-haa! Levity, break...whew!

            4 year, Barbie, steps into the kitchen, sporting her new tu-tu! It was pink! As, she proudly, begins, a Plei, and lowers ,her torso, ...Chris, her older brother, calls out, ..."You'll, never get it off the ground! Ha-Haa!"

            Siblings, can be very cruel! This, is the image I carried, for that future dream!

            Not, a pretty picture, for me, back then, ...quite, impressive, from today's, experience!

            Picture of self-confidence! Powerful!

            "You've told me, more about penguins, than I, ever, wanted to know.", was my sister's

            line, when she, didn't want to listen, to me, anymore. Very polite, "Shut up!"

            The mystery became, find the insult, through the sarcasm! Family excellence!!

            I had begun to discover, a purpose, early on...

            The pain, I, had to escape, was my household! College, would guarantee, I would be out, by end of high school! I could see, touch, feel, and even taste, NEW this, future, Desire to change, this unhealthy, biome, fueled my "challenge" button!

            I, found my why, or desire! I found...MY solution, to MY "Situation"!

            Let's Report this, big event, the "What?" backwards...


            "I will have a college education, to provide for myself, and be able to take care of my needs!"

            My vision, for my purpose, began to reveal itself. I had some clarity, on a big goal.

            HOW? I don't know, right now, but more will come, to me, as, I learn, and grow.

            WHEN? I can see, beginning college, at 18, upon graduation from high school. ETA, for completion?

            WHERE? To be determined, by many factors, ...some college, away from home!

            WHO? "No, man, is an island!" Who will help, me on this journey? Time, will tell.


            "Barbara, graduated, from Eastern Michigan University, in Ypsilanti, Michigan, after 5.5 years, with a BS in Teaching the Emotionally Disturbed, and 2 minors (Art/Music and Science/Math).

            The difference between, envisioning and creating a purposeful goal, is in the Magic!

            The Journey from the Why to the What, is always subject to variables.

            "If, You believe it, you can achieve it!" Words, of Napolean Hill, in Think and Grow Rich", my copy from 1963. In, 1972, I read "How to Win Friends and Influence People", Dale Carnegie! After, reading, this became, a cool prop, for my self-installed stereo, my inside my glove compartment!!

            My "grooviest" dormroom poster, 1970...

            " I Think, therefore, I am." Cognito Ergo Sum!

            French, philosopher, Rene Descarte

            Guard your thoughts!!

            The What? and the Why?, of my desires, are constants, ever-present thoughts!

            The cake!

            The details, How, when, where, and who, are varibles.

            The frosting! They add "color" to the vision, which will grow in time.

            Upon, reviewing my notes, I was reminded of my computer analogy, of life, and "programming" or planning.


            "What are these computer, things?"... I'll take BASIC, and find out!! With, no knowledge, I'm learning BASIC programming!

            Programs, for computer, are significant plans, for solving a problem. The computer only knows the language of "yes or no", numbers 1 and zero, or null.

            The a completed, program reads from right to left, starting with a question, or problem to be solved.

            Why do we need this program? What do we want it do, as a result?

            Next, a series of,...

            "If", this factor, ..."Then", this action.

            I had to start to write a program, from the end!!

            What's my dream, if I had a magic wand? Anything, is possible! We are limited, by our own imagination!

            I love this picture, backwards to us, as an audience, but perfect example, of how we create or Niche, ...Mission, Vision, or Purpose!

            My program, works, only as well, as it's creator! Life's had many glitches, of my own making, and a few viruses, beyond my control!

            As, I focus, on my motivations, the desire, ...and what happiness, will result, I embark on doing the next right thing! The Magic comes, in the details, or the colors that began to enhance my dream.

            Detach, from the results!

            My mind can not imagine, what the final masterpiece, will look like, in detail.

            I like to say "Give it to Him, and let Him, take care of the details". Let, the universal magic, begin!

            A strong goal will draw you to its fruition.

            My, long term desire, "vision" for my goal, for WA...WHY?

            " to continue, with my Life's purpose, by sharing my life's experiences, helping people, recover from a helpless state of mind, and the learn to navigate, more smoothly, within their own lives, with the aid of the internet!, and the freedom to speak, my truths, from my heart, for the good of all."

            What! Launch of my site!!

            My next, right thing, for the next few days, ...TRAINING! I most have a site, before I can share, anythings.

            First, things first!!

            Where's the song for the day??

            First, thought was "Tiny Dancer"- Elton John, but I wasn't feeling it! Wink!

            "In Dreams"-Roy Orbison

            A candy-coored clown they call the sandman

            Tip-toes into my room every night

            Just to sprinkle stardust and to whisper

            "Go to sleep. Everything's alright."

            I close my eyes, then drift away

            Into the magic night, I softly say

            A silent prayer like reamers do

            Then fall asleep to dreams of of you.


            In, my Dreams, All Things Are Possible! Dream Big!

            ...Fitting, words as I close on another successful, day of living.

            My goal for today, was to write about," Finding your purpose or niche", and complete it.

            My desire springs from, need to finish this topic, and find the time for training.

            I HAD NO IDEA, when I began, this morning, at 7, that I would be at it, all day, and it's now 8:00pm!...Correction, it"s now 11 pm, almost midnight!

            My only interruptions, were so timely, and came at much needed, break times.

            Both, calls, were of my friends, and one, spoke of an example of Einstein's theory, on thought, without, the Knowledge, of my article! I stopped her to hear what I'd written, and it was spot on!

            Power of tapping is to the universe??

            Sorry, if my asides, diverted from topic, but humor breaks are vital for my sanity!, ...and, I take them at my own expense!! Rule 62, "Don't take yourself, so seriously!"

            Momentum, kept me pushing onward! Action!!... and needs to Stop for the night!!

            Critics, may say it's a little long, and could have made this a 3 day, event, but getting back to a project, is harder than staying in action.

            Decide, and take action, on your dreams, today!

            Find Your Niche, and the rest will follow!

            "Well, that's all folks!"

            Good night, and Sweet Dreams!!

            Best, success!


            PS...Didn't get any time for visiting and checking emails, so, tomorrow's, called check-up, and training!

            Wow! 2904 words!!

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            tbowyer Premium
            Hi Barb.
            Looooooong post! Much to say had you. Me, I like this:

            "We, change when the pain of remaining, becomes greater, than the pain of the change."
            So true.

            So very true.

            I like. I thank.

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            Thanks Barb. I really enjoyed reading this post and appreciate you sharing!
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            Appreciate, your time,
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            Whow what an article!
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            Wow!...That's what I thought, after I saw the length!
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            Wow! You are cooking on all four burners. Thanks as I love it.
            brichnow21 Premium
            I'm, Out of balance, but stretching to nth, degree, this will force the change, and level out, in time, with practice.
            LauraFuller Premium
            The most important lesson I took away from your post is

            Be quiet
            Back up

            A good lesson for me today.


            brichnow21 Premium
            Thank, you, Laura!!
            If, there's one Take-away?,... that's a success story!
            Celebrate, victories!