Day 12- desire! discipline! "stand and deliver!"

Last Update: May 07, 2019

Day 12- Half-way through my 21 days, of growth.

Everyday, assessment, and implementing, one little new idea, each day,

I'm pleased, with my progress, and NOW, am looking for additional challenges/ goals.

I'm tweaking, MY system, for EXCELLENCE!

"Stand and Deliver!"

No matter what!!

"Stand and Deliver", debuted, at a most beautiful time, in my teaching career!

Having, taught JR High, Kinder-2, and NOW having landed, in this High Scholl, I was in Heaven!! I went from, exclusive, ED, to Learning Disabled MATH!

High-school, kids are the best, but NOT without, First Understanding!

Today, is not about, how I did anything, or many details of the story, but the message! (I detest spoilers! Reader's Digest version...)

How, ONE man's DESIRE, and Displine, changed, for the better the lives of so many kids, ...ready to throw away, their lives!

This, film , hit the box offices circa 1988, and won Oscars in 1989!

Scenario: Los Angeles, HS classroom, "raucous", unmanageable students! Hispanic, predominately.


  • Jaime Escalante -Frustrated, teacher of math, for "Remedial Math" class.
  • Students- Special ED labeled ...Heinz 57 different disabilities! Love the variety!
  • School administration- Threatening, Escalante, to "CONTROL your Thugs!"
  • School Board
  • California State Board of Examinators

Jaime, has the rejects, for math, and isn't manging, his classroom, or, his life, very well.

His, threatened, with firing, and in Fear of losing his means of support, first!

...IF he doesn't manage the kids! DESIRE!

He takes, HIS talent for math, and challenges, the whole class to participate, in the California Advanced Placement exam, for Calculus!

Getting by? Not an option!

Radical, personal, change needs a "catalylst", a spark of energy.

Passion, drove the team!!

We'll show them!!

From "Street Thug", to EXCELLENCE!

One, can easily, see both the obstacles, ahead, but, also, the possible rewards, from this team, challenge!

With, all students, and family members, united, in agreement! PERSONAL adjustments, required, IF , we accept this challenge!

"Are we going to TRY?" NOTHING!

What will we do?

Clarity of commitment!!

A Plan or System for acquiring the goal, was laid-out!!

No excuses!!

What are we willing to sacrifice, for the greater reward?

The class, under the guidance, of a committed, teacher, joined together, and accepted the challege!

Yes! They ALL, aced the test!! Victory!

They had achieved, personal EXCELLENCE!


short-lived, as the class was accused of cheating!!


To the core of their souls!! Hard, work, and achievement questioned???

These kids were already judged, by thir past behaviors!!

Judged, and labeled!

Just, like my students!! ...and MY Brother, Christopher!

Failure? ... fuel for reaching higher!!

Choose, disheartment, and be a victim...?


"Stand and Deliver!"

The class, was required to retake the exam!

Here we go again!

Passion, or desire, changed radically from personal,

"I will do my part, and do my best!!" ...


Passion, intensified by Accusations from the ignorant! ...No shortage, folks!!


Victim or Warrior?

Choose a direction, away from this pain!

Each, student and teacher, had their own personal desires for excellence!

Plan, is much the same, EXCEPT it's Summer vacation time, and HOT!

Persistant, with THE PURPOSE, Escalante, had to use many tools to keep the kids, moving!!

My favorite, part of the ENTIRE movie...

Toward the end, of summer, tired, hot, and feeling dragged down, from continuous striving, one HOT afternoon, there came a Tipping Point!!

"Mr. Escalante! You're torturing us! It's so-o hot!! Can't we take a break??"

"Sure!" We'll take a break!!

"Close your eyes, and breathe slowly, in and out..."


They aced the test, but the greater, reward was in ACING, Respons-ability!

Responsibilty increases personal power and freedom.

Survival of the fittest!

Only, the strong survive.

Writing sparks, questions, that lead, to deep soul-searching, on this life's, journey of

  • Self-Awareness,
  • Self-Discovery
  • Self-Discipline
  • Self-Responsibilty
  • Self-Conidence

Today Matters!

" Think Cool! "

Closing song...

"If, I Knew Then, What I know Now"-Lyfe Jennings

"It took a tradgey for me

to come back to reality!

It took, my family sanity"

"This wasn't part o the plan for me..."

"As the world spins, round and round

I wish I knew then

what I know now.

I did it to myself, blamed nobody else."

"That's All, Folks!!

The Best,


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PMindra Premium
Google 'Barb who?'
It's all about branding.
Google...'Paul Mindra.'
Wealthy affiliate has served well,
You are very special, Barb.
Keep on keeping on.

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Yes, it is Paul!
I was so surprised, to see my posts under brichnow21.
Yes, Google knows me.
Thank you, Paul...this is a very "Special ED" community! LOL
We're in grand company!
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Charles Darwin looked to the future and examined the tall steppers within WA and then wrote the survival of the fittest. Thanks for the thoughts.