Canva training by Vitaliy

Last Update: January 06, 2022

Hello wonderful WA community!

Canva Training by WA Trainer Vitaliy

The other day, I was searching YouTube for "How to create backgrounds for YouTube presentations".

I wasn't getting what I needed, and shut it down.


When I saw my email notifications, at the very top was an invitation to Vitaliy's "Intro to Canva".

I couldn't watch it "live", but first thing this morning I checked it out!

Class 1

This training will be a 4 part series, so this was to tip of the iceberg!

I had no idea what Canva could really do!

I had thought Canva was just for making banners and posters, but I was so wrong.

One can make videos as well as much more!

First class showed us how images can enhance your Google ranking, with several wonderful examples.

Unfortunately, this is only available for Premium Plus, but I'm really happy I made the leap.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Right after the class, I started to do a picture for my site.

While not finding anything appropriate, I searched my own pictures.

I found the perfect picture, so no copyright infringement or buying one was necessary.

I learned how to upload my picture, which is step one.

What a treat!

Now to do the steps, Vitaliy showed me.

Replays make this easy, as I can go back to the class and take each step as it comes.

Progress may be slow, but the more I practice, the better I'll get.

One Step at a Time

Needed to take a break, as I hit a snag, but I did learn a major lesson. How to upload my own pictures!

Later today, I'll head back and add a title and perhaps add the 3D feature.

This is going to be fun, and it will be all mine.

I can add my logo to my own pictures, that may end up in Canva's very extensive photo library.

All this on the Free version of Canva

I feel no need to upgrade to Canva Pro, as there are so many features that are free.

Let me learn from the basics, and then, I may upgrade.

There is no pressure, as Vitaliy used only the free version for the class.

Just a shout out and Thank You!

WA trainers are the best!

Thank you for all the time you spend to create these wonderfully, informative classes!

I'm looking forward to next week's class, and will practice what I've already learned.

Each class has clear objectives and precise steps for each process.

Replays make it easy to "rinse and repeat"!

Feeling Better and Better!

I'm still not 100 percent, yet, but well on the way to getting back my energy and hearing.

In closing...

"What a Diff'rence a Day Makes"- Dinah Washington

"What a diff'rence a day made

24 hours little hours

Brought sunshine and flowers

Where there used to be rain..."

Make your TODAY count!

Hope you're all off to a great start for this NEW YEAR!

God Bless You All!


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Juliako Premium Plus
Great, I will watch this one!

I also watched which I found useful - already have both snag-it and canva
1Rudy1 Premium
It's amazing how a 15 min video can take 4 hours to finish when stopping video to take action at each step....grin.

I've spent many an hour on a 15 min video...😎

I can't tell you how powerful it is to watch a video for that purpose.

I'm glad you found a way to use canva. Good for you!

Glad you're feeling better too, Barb!

brichnow21 Premium Plus
You're so right Rudy!!
We slip into the rabbit hole!
1Rudy1 Premium
Will you provide a link to Vitaliy's training? Thanks.

brichnow21 Premium Plus
Don't think I can Rudy. It's a Premium Plus class.
Lily, AussieMuso just made a Canva training today for the platform. She's are very good, as well.
Check her out, Rudy!
1Rudy1 Premium
Ah, OK. Yes, I saw that Lily had posted a tutorial


Dhind1 Premium Plus
I too missed Vitaliy's live class, but I have made a note and plan to watch it today. I have used Canva in the past for basic things and I am looking forward to expanding what I can do with it.

I was away for the last couple of days discussing launching a site on the history of watches in the early age of aviation. A friend has a lot of material to use for this site and I am looking forward to it.

brichnow21 Premium Plus
Glad you're back, Alex!
Sounds like an interesting niche.
Having someone else to collaborate with is fun, too.
Enjoy the replay.
RCanty Premium Plus
Thanks for the insight, Barb! I've been using Canva sparingly since I really did not know its potential.

brichnow21 Premium Plus
You'll be amazed, Ronnie!
I had no idea, either.
Jessiefido Premium Plus
Hey Barb, good to hear from you again and that you are getting nearer to being back to 100%..

I started playing around with Canva a few months ago now but haven't done much there recently..

I also noticed this series of training by young Vitaliy, and was planning on checking it out soon.. you have just confirmed what a great decision that would be to do so!!

I hope you get back to full speed soon my friend, take care ok!:-)
brichnow21 Premium Plus
Nick, I'm getting back bit by bit, and figured I could at least learn a bit, though maybe not feeling that creative. Once I watched, the momentum began.
I'm really excited to see more.
Enjoy the replay.
Jessiefido Premium Plus
Hey Barb! When not feeling at my best (which is most of the time recently with the PSIL still stalking around) I like to just learn a bit here and there too..

It all helps in moving forward and you never know when that creative spark will ignite again!!

Enjoy a great start to Frisatsu my friend!:-)