Why I am here at WA and my everyday life.

Last Update: Sep 22, 2022

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Firstly, this post has nothing to do with business.

Hi all at WA, this post was inspired by Fashion Dr, (Brave woman) thank you. Here is my situation, which led me here to WA which left me with severe anxiety and depression and dealing with the constant pain every day from the damage I was left with after surgery. It also deals with my journey towards WA. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This is why I am here at WA and my everyday life.

I went into hospital in 2008 for an operation on an epigastric hernia, which was left undiagnosed for 36 years, I also dealt with pain for 26 of those years because of this.

After surgery, I found that I was getting unpredictable, uncontrollable watery diarrhoea and nausea. I noticed no feeling of hunger anymore; the pain of the hernia was still there and noticed that I had been left with nerve damage.

I complained to the doctors about this, and they referred me to the hospital for further investigation. I had biopsies taken in 2009. Two days after this I noticed two very painful lumps on my bowel. I called the emergency doctor and was informed that I had caught an infection from the camera during the procedure, which did not surprise me as I looked over my shoulder and expected to see my bowel doctor carrying out the procedure and found that it was a trainee doctor wearing no surgical gloves feeding the camera in my bowel with his bare hands, and without my consent.

Because of this, I suffer from piles and bowel spasms. I waited for the results of the biopsies and never received any. Three weeks passed and I decided to write a letter of complaint to the hospital asking for the results. When I received a letter from the hospital, it stated that I had been diagnosed with an infection that they did not recognise. Unfortunately, I had a corrupt bowel doctor who proceeded to tell me it was called collagenous colitis and was natural causes.

I did not believe this for one second because, what the doctor was saying is that, during the operation on the epigastric hernia, I contracted a condition called collagenous colitis through natural causes while under anaesthetic.

Who on earth would believe that? I knew that the doctor was misleading me.

Despite all my efforts, this doctor continued to mislead me. First with collagenous colitis then Crohn's disease and then lymphocytic colitis. This went on for 7 years. And because the doctor had falsified my records, stating this was a bowel condition, other doctors were giving me the wrong medication.

In 2010 I was given IBS tablets, which made me collapse at work. I had to be taken home by my manager and the emergency doctor was informed. He gave me medication to counteract the IBS tablets, but it was too late, the damage was already done.

I now suffer from dizziness because of their mistake, which I deal with on a daily basis. I was forced to carry on working with the health problems and found this very difficult and also very painful, as no doctor would sign me off full time.

I was finally signed off work in 2016 after insisting. I tried to take this through the courts for some kind of justice soon after surgery in 2008, but when the doctors are misleading you, falsifying records, withholding evidence, not writing down your health complaints and at one stage an administrator spying on me in the waiting room of the surgery acting like a patient to gain information from me to report back to the doctor, (which she did) this is very difficult.

In 2015 I was sent to the hospital for more biopsies. This time I had a different bowel doctor as I insisted on someone different other than the misleading doctor I had before. Within 2 weeks the bowel doctor phoned me and told me my bowel was normal, there was nothing wrong with the colon So, my instincts were correct, the first bowel doctor did mislead me for seven years.

In the UK you have three years to bring a case against them. When you try, you find the doctors will do anything to stop you. Nobody was giving me any answers and I found that they had written nothing down on my records about my health complaints.

This is why even today; I am not getting the proper treatment and deal with my problems alone as no-one wants anything to do with me. I have lost all friends because of this case and family are not interested in discussing it, (not that that bothers me).

I have tried for so long to get help and get some sort of justice so I can try and have some sort of normality back in my life, but nothing. I have asked to have a bag attached to me so that I can at least go out, but they have refused. My case was being dealt with by a solicitor and backed by an insurance company.

A report was written for the courts by a doctor back in 2011, but because the doctor or administrator withheld records that corresponded to the report, (perverting the course of justice) and the fact that my solicitor did not act on this, the solicitor dropped the case.

After the solicitor dropped the case, I handed my evidence over to a claims management company, (this claims company was regulated by the ministry of justice). They asked for medical records and any evidence I had, which I sent to them. The claims management company told me that, they had handed my documents and evidence, over to a solicitor and that they would be in touch shortly.

Three weeks passed and nothing. This went on for a while and every time I called the claims Management company, the senior executive I was dealing with, wasn`t there and wanted no more contact with me, I knew at this point that something was wrong, she was also ignoring me altogether. I was left dealing with her colleague, (who knew nothing about my discussions with the senior executive), he eventually gave me the telephone number of the solicitors who the senior executive had handed my evidence to (which took a lot of persuasion) and called them.

I phoned the solicitors, and they informed me that nobody had handed my case to them, and they knew nothing about my case, the solicitors asked for information regarding the actions of the claims management company, which I emailed to them. I was informed by the solicitor that I had been misled by the claims management company. My heart sank as that was my last hope.

It took me ten months to get my records and evidence back. I now live with my parents at 55 years old with no justice and left on benefits without any chance of a future for myself. I had plans for my future and these doctors, administrator and government destroyed that.

Disgusting behaviour by the very doctors you trust and the government who let doctors get away with their crimes, and the government who commit crimes against you themselves through claims management companies.

I wrote a letter of complaint to the prime minister about this, and he passed my letter over to the ministry of justice, for further investigation. I received a call from the ministry of justice a couple of weeks later and explained what had happened.

I received a call from a lady from the ministry of justice and she asked me, "what do you want me to do about it" I replied "I would like them investigated for their action and held accountable for their actions ". She responded with " I am not prepared to investigate their actions, until we get complaints from other victims" (although I don`t see what other victim's cases had to do with mine).

I have no faith in the NHS or the Government anymore. And according to the ombudsman, in a letter to me, I would have to lose my life before they are investigated.

My severe anxiety and depression were diagnosed by a paramedic in 2017 after my first attack which was very scary. He told me that I had the attack because of the trauma I had gone through regarding my case and what the NHS had done to me.

I still email the Prime Minister twice a day, every day but gets me nowhere.

This is when I found WA. I had to find a way of earning an income. Only wish I had found WA 10 years ago. And don`t` get me wrong, not all doctors are corrupt, most of them do an amazing job, but there are the few who are prepared to go that extra mile to destroy your life through corruption.

Oh, and anyone thinking, was I ever suicidal, the answer is no I never was, even after watching my whole way of life disappear. I am a fighter, I spend my day on my business in the hope that it will work, you can`t` give up hope. Well, I hope I haven`t bored too many of you, and if you are lucky enough to have someone who cares enough about you (I have not), cherish that, grab hold with both hands and don`t let go. You have a wonderful day and weekend everyone, take care all.

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Wow Brian, I am so sorry to read what you have and what you are going through.

I don't know the UK medical system.

If you need to, are you able to see yet another Dr for care?

In the USA, if something was serious, I almost always sought out more than one opinion. Finding the right Dr and the right care would be a great start if there is more that could be done.

That is some serious, long term trauma.


I have changed doctors on several occasions, but they seem to steer away from my questions. They also seem to cover for one another, which was very frustrating for me, and which led to the anxiety.

Is this system throughout the UK or just in England? Is each country have a different medical system?

I realize it could be costly to travel even outside the UK to Europe, but some medical solution needs to be found above all else.


I don`t know about other parts of the UK. I have sort help from from many many areas General Medical Council, Ombudsman many solicitors and campaigns. I was told by the UK ombudsman that I would of had to of lost my life before they were investigated. I have not approached anyone outside of the UK as I did not think the case fell under their jurisdiction.

I'm thinking unless I am wrong is that there are 2 ongoing issues. 1. Your present health. 2. the Judicial matters.

I am concerned right now that the health issues are fully resolved as best as possible. That is my primary concern and to reach out where ever to accomplish that. Sorry if I am misunderstanding the situation.


No, none of the health issues have been resolved. The hospital knows something went wrong but wont acknowledge that. I have been misled by the hospital who tried to make me believe that I had a bowel condition, collagenous colitis, crohnes, lymphocytic colitis and finally IBS. But through biopsies this proved to be untrue. This went on for 7 years. Went in for endoscopy surgery 2009, and was infected by the camera, which was carried out by a trainee without wearing surgical gloves, ended up with piles and spasms which I still deal with today. I have not had the proper care since surgery, I did ring the doctor and ask if there was anything they could give me, to stop the constant watery diarrhea, but nothing. I did ask for the bag, but they refused. So I am stuck in doors all of the time unable to go anywhere apart from the local shop if I wear a nappy. So I spend all day on my website, keeps me busy and takes my mind off things. Enclosed is a referral letter from my GP to the hospital 2015. and at no point did any doctor tell me that I may have to have the hernia taken down, just another little white lie I have had to deal with which eventually led to the anxiety. You see, I have had this sort of evidence for a long time, and a great deal more but nobody will deal with the case.

Brian, this is tragic and of course, my words fail to address just how tragic this has been for you. The challenge then as you know is to find a real medical solution to this problem from someone in this world.

I would imagine any sincerely interested Dr will require further tests..etc. so I don't know that an online consultation would help, because they would need tests to provide a specific solution.

I'm hitting a wall as what to do. The anxiety can be helped, but a permanent solution to your physical challenges would really help the best.

I'm sorry I am running out of suggestions. Some how there has to be someone who can finally do what needs to be done.


Thank you Mel for your concern. I have been banging my head against a brick wall for years. I would love to find a genuine doctor who had my welfare as his priority, but no doctor will whistle blow on another. I still email 4 MPs and the PM everyday as well as the General Medical Council, in the hope that they get so p***ed off with me they act, but nothing. And that`s well over 300 emails too date, I am persistent, lol. Anyway, thanks again Mel, have a great week, take care.

A drama and a brave man!
WA helps a lot.
Thanks a lot for sharing!

Thank you.

Hope IS for the hopeless. We here at WA are full of hope and love to share it. So, take some of ours, you will overcome. Just continue to be persistent and believe this will NOT stop you.

Wow, Brian!

This seems unbelievable that these doctors, administrators, and insurance people could do all of this with no impunity.

Your life seems to have been turned into an utter living hell for you my friend!

I hope that WA gives you everything that you need to regain some good success in your life.

If nothing else, you seemto have the makings for an excellent book, which might allow you to get some money that way too.

Keep persevering, and no matter what happens, you are in my prayers, my friend!

Thanks for having the courage to share this.


Thank you Jeff very kind words, have a great weekend, take care.

You're very welcome, Brian! You do the same, my friend!

Keep striving and succeeding!


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