Update on experience with Facebook Boost campaigns

Last Update: February 07, 2017

First tried Facebook Boost in November and have been using it sparingly since then.

Recently had a post that started to generate lots of hits on links, so I spent a whopping total of $20 on it. Current campaign is about to end.

It did a good job generating link clicks. I'm 90 days into the WA program and still have 0 sales to show for it. Focusing on "low hanging fruit" keywords. My niche has nothing to do with selling WA or marketing. I'm focused solely on older people building muscle to fight aging.

I may not have found the right product formula yet. But I have to say the most encouraging feedback I've gotten so far comes from these Facebook boosts.

You can tailor them to specific geographies, age groups, genders and to generate link clicks or likes/shares. Here are the current results for this post: https://boomermuscle.com/lifting-light-weights-vs-heavy-weights

Please feel free to take a look and comment. Greatly appreciated.

Boost ad had to reach 2,641 people to get these results:

20 Likes/Comments/Shares

77 Link Clicks

NOTE: I should mention the interface with FaceBook is a bit glitchy. I get the best luck creating campaigns on my Phone rather than my laptop. For some reason, the laptop interface gets hung up and does not allow me to save my changes.

On the phone, however, it generally clicks right through.

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