Facebook pixels and Boosts

Last Update: December 06, 2016

I'm still learning the basics and still find myself a bit boggled at times. Lately, I've been exploring Facebook Boosts.

It's a fairly inexpensive way to get some traffic to your site and easy to setup. You can target ages, genders, geographies and interests. It will track likes and visits, or focus on getting links inside the post clicked.

I've just been dabbling. $5 here, $10 there sort of thing. Yesterday, FB interrupted me with a warning that I had not installed a FB pixel on my site. This is one of those typical events that usually trips a fuse in my head. The reason: I'm just not techy and hate the idea of messing around with code in any way.

I'm not sure I really needed to do the pixel add. But I did. The instructions were typically complex and assumed the reader was comfortable messing with code.

I gave up and installed the FB approved plug in on my site for adding the pixel. I copied the code for the pixel at FB ad manager site. Then manually pasted it into specific posts. My posts now include a box to check for inputting the FB pixel and a box to paste the code into.

If anyone with greater experience has thoughts on FB boosts and the pixel, I'd liove to hear your POV.


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LouisaB Premium
I have yet to learn more about the Facebook Pixel code. I just applied, now I have the code. I am hoping to learn about it in this discussion.
paulgoodwin Premium
I just post to groups as that is free and easy to do - IF you do not post to more than 15 a day!!!
paulgoodwin Premium
I just post to groups as that is free and easy to do - IF you do not post to more than 15 a day!!!

LisaPlutoni Premium
I have been trying to do this too. I did like you and copied the pixel code from facebook but then didn't know where to find my header code on my website. ???
I have also added a pixel plugin on WA but not sure how I can check this and if it is automatically applied to my website pages ???
HVella Premium
I am dabbling with the FB ads as well, not had a lot of success yet. I am going to do some more training and watch the video training here at WA and see what I can glean from that.