Stuck in a rut, But almost out

Last Update: January 07, 2019

2019 Might be stuck, but time getting out.

First let me start off saying, hope everyone had a great holiday.

I took an extended break over the holidays, honestly I figured that there is a lot of stress around those times of the my thinking was get past the stress without adding more on to it. Then I can come back out ripping it up for the new year. Also, I had some time getting some good ideas, on content for my site. So I was able get out on the dirt bike over the holidays, rip it up, and clear my head for the 2019 ride to Wealthy Affiliate freedom. I have decided to go back over some of the training getting re aquainted with the process, and then get some good ranking content going again.

I also was searching for parts on a bike that I have started building, happen to come across a website on some ideas about my bike, and low and behold. The website had my first 2 posts on my build on his page, and promoting it, with the trainings I had on my site.

This in itself taught me that what we learn and take action on here, really does work. So this year I will be focused on great content, more trainings with videos, and get me some more followers. This is going to be the year of the follower. What I mean by this is all my focus on my dirt bike site will be mostly focuses on feng sway for the site to keep people from leaving, and keep them looking, and or reading. This is all I will be focusing on with my dirt bike blog, not worrying about the money till I get me some more followers as far as that site goes, cause it is my baby.


The next thing I want to start this year is BOOT CAMP. I have waited long enough and it is time to jump in. So not much progress, but im shifting through the gears catching speed and I will get there.

Just never give up on you and your dreams.

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ExpatMark Premium
I got faith in all of us Marks. We may take over the world someday and it will be dirt bikes for everyone!!!

Much success and much luck to you in 2019.

AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Mark, sometimes taking that break can be what makes all the difference.

Best wishes for a creative and successful 2019.

EandS2018 Premium
We are really excited for you and your future.
Please keep us updated with your accomplishments
Many blessings coming,
Elaine and Scarlett
CalChrisH Premium
That's great news on your posts. I agree, taking this thing slow is the way to go. For now, you might have a little bit more downtime too with the football playoffs going on. I see you are wearing a Patriots hat. Good luck!