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2019 Might be stuck, but time getting out. First let me start off saying, hope everyone had a great holiday.I took an extended break over the holidays, honestly I figured that there is a lot of stress around those times of the my thinking was get past the stress without adding more on to it. Then I can come back out ripping it up for the new year. Also, I had some time getting some good ideas, on content for my site. So I was able get out on the dirt bike over the holidays, rip it up, a
Hello Wealthy Affiliate Community,just finished with training 4, now onto 5, and things are starting to pick up, and take off. I wanted to wait a little before I shared my site with my facebook peeps. I wanted to make sure i had a good number of posts for people to understand were I was going with it.So far its getting the effection I was hoping for. I just recently started to do videos, and that is where it started too grab and go. I am still nowhere near what I want to be at with my posts bu
August 12, 2018
So I just wanted to share this with you , my community, because it felt very exciting to get my first followers to my site. help them out with a problem. And have them return, and say they would bring friends to my site. It was what a proud poppa must feel like. So I feel like the more positive I share with you, maybe I give someone hope, like the way I feel right now as I guy who new nothing about this, a little over 3 months ago. This works if you give it all that you have, and then a little
August 07, 2018
Hello Community, and friends,Just finished level 3 training, I really do not realize how much you are learning here, till you stand up and look at where you were, and how even your thinking has changed. I get more excited the further I get into the training. I have hit some hard patches, but take a breath and go back at it. I still can only average 2 to 3 hrs most days sometimes more, but I keep moving forward, or better yet falling forward. You really just need to keep it fun, and it moves alo
BUILDING YOUR NAME vs Get rich quickSo i have heard and talked to people about a little thing called “get rich quick.”Im going to let you in on a little secret ,there are very few of these out there,unless you hit megabucks, scratch ticket or inherit money .there are more likely more rich people from ,good old fashioned hard work.So here is what i know,i believe your name is currencyThis is what i mean by this ,Your name is just like your website ,think of how long it took you to b
So I would like to take a minute to thank you all for being such a cool community. I feel like I am on top of the world since joining here.I believe I was lost before I came here and now I feel like I have four a home I have looked for so long.The encouragement and support is like no other ,and if you choose to go thru this process correctly, it is second to no other.I have finished round 2 of the training and feel a big sense of accomplishment in finishing it.If I could share anything with a
Stop,slow,and go,So I’m moving along at what i can only describe as slower pace than i kinda would want .im learning a lot with my time here at WA .i have been both excited and confused.all with there own learning experience.that being said i really m excited because i have a flow of content freeing itself from my brain. ,but I’m finding we’re I’m having the hardest time navigating is in appearance.moving my menus around,and figuring out widgets.i feel like i might be ov
May 09, 2018
So after a few mistakes and some much-needed research.I have found a direction, and a niche im very passionate about.I believe I was like many people who probably over thought this,and then jump on the wrong one at first.which by chance worked out I have a test dummie site to try things out on.which I highly recommend using for all the mistake us newcomers will make along the way test then go to your real site and apply.
May 06, 2018
I wanted to take a minute to talk about balancing work ,life ,and WA oh yeah and trying to have some kind of fun somewhere in the I have one job as an operator putting gas in the ground,and weekends I work for a tree guy/landscaper.right now I’m trying to average about 2 hours a day with WA but it’s been getting harder the hotter it gets because work gets real busy during these next few months.also would love to get out every now and again on my bike and or play volleyba