In need of a boost of confidence

Last Update: July 23, 2018

So here I am and for some really I’m really lacking confidence in my own abilities, I’m at the point where I could walk away from all this.

I’m sure if I carry on I’ll get there and I know I’m not far into this journey but today has been a real downer for me, can’t put my finger on why but just is.

Maybe I just need a good nights sleep but I think my problem is that I never discuss this with anyone as they wouldn’t understand so it’s a battle off my own.

How does everyone else get through these days or do you just not get them.

I have done some work on my site but have found it hard today.

Probably not the post to motivate others and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day


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EKaye1 Premium
You will have the good days, keep the positive thoughts. I know you will achieve success. Tomorrow will be a better day. You will always have this friendly community here to talk to, as you know.
alan47 Premium
Hi there get some rest and start again when you feel ready. You will always find support here at W.A.
RAFStuart Premium
As I say in one of my blogs, take deep breaths and then refocus, we all have bad days, it is that we recognize them then start again. Switch off the site go for a walk, hey, tomorrow is another day.
fervor Premium
Hi brettbrtsk,
"In need of a boost of confidence"?

** When in doubt,...
- I Made It!
"..What I learned was when I felt that way, I needed to step away from my computer for a while and clear my mind. Do something relaxing for a while to shake off the feelings then come back to it later..." I hope that helps.
merlynmac Premium
Everyone has their down days, or worse yet friends or family members that discourage your actions. The best I can say is stick with it. You'll have ups and downs but what's important is continuing on. I see you signed up at the end of April. I signed up at the end of March so we're only a month apart as far as membership.

Where are you in the training? What mile marks have you hit (1st post, indexed, made an affiliate sale, etc.)?

What's the next hurdle for you? There are a lot of people that can give you advice and guidance here on WA. Reach out.