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December 02, 2018
Ive been away from here for a while, I’d like to say it’s been for good reasons but not really the case, I’ve had a fairly indifferent time of late and I’m currently at the crossroads of what I’m going to do.I’ve always had a problem with believing in my own ability so if you’ve been there your understand, I know I can do this and if I follow the blu print I will get there.I’ve just come back from Mumbai where I was working for a short while and
So here I am and for some really I’m really lacking confidence in my own abilities, I’m at the point where I could walk away from all this.I’m sure if I carry on I’ll get there and I know I’m not far into this journey but today has been a real downer for me, can’t put my finger on why but just is.Maybe I just need a good nights sleep but I think my problem is that I never discuss this with anyone as they wouldn’t understand so it’s a battle off my
Well im Back, had a great holiday very relaxing but couldnt get much done on here mainly due to poor internet connection and possibly i needed a Holiday.My plan for this week is to tidy up my site, add internal links, create a new post and generally carry on with further training.So what have you all got planned this week?Im at the stage where i need to decide how and when to promote my site further, i think its at a stage where its looking fairly good, i have a fair amount of posts but i think
July 15, 2018
Well I’m currently on holiday in a beautiful place called Boscastle which is in Cornwall England, it’s such a lovely place with views to die for, it’s not the picture above by the way.So I’m going to relax a bit this week and the internet here is not the best, but while I’m here I started looking at micro niches and came across an excellent blog on it and it explains it superbly. I won’t share the link as I’m not sure I’m allowed on here but it&rs
July 07, 2018
So hi to you allso what do you do to keep motivated or are you always motivated, personally i will take time to watch motivational people, mel robbins 5 sec rule, tony robbins i am not your Guru, i just love watching and listening to these kind of people.So who do you like to listen to when you just need that lift, to make yourself feel better?Personally i listen or watch these people and it gives me the energy to carry on, to really make it work i just love the energy, i do feel myself welling
July 01, 2018
How often do you think of quitting, Be honest ill admit every once in a while i think is it really going to work? am i just wasting my money?Well think of it this way, in a couple of days time one of your online money making methods might actually start paying out, could happen in the next day, the next hour.The point im making is one day it will happen and you will be so excited you will just repeat the process and it will turn into a waterful of profit and then you will look back and think di
June 26, 2018
Having a quieter time on here of late, might be due to the heat but also because I need to start learning more rather than trying to run before I can walk.I was trying to earn money before I’d done the basics, I’m not even one month in and I’m expecting profit, well the news is that I’ve made nothing and I should realise that Rome wasn’t built in a day.Next stepWell the next step I’ve decided is to get back to the training finish getting my site so it looks b
June 24, 2018
so I’ve not been here a long time but what I have noticed is how helpful everyone is, I’m just going to keep this short but I take time to read through people’s posts and try and comment when I can mainly because there is so much to learn from them.It could be how to write an email letter that converts, it could be how to overcome mental blocks, or in my case how to pick yourself up when you’re not feeling at your best.Some of the posts are so well written and payed out
June 23, 2018
Well after my post yesterday about my week from hell and depression today has been a better day, went out and treated myself to a new ipad to cheer myself up.Some may say i shouldnt buy things just to cheer myself up but i had an action plan, i aim to pay for the ipad in the next few months by starting to earn on here, so its a goal as well as a treat so a double wammy.Also its the weekend always feel better at the weekend no surprise there i hear you say so yet another goal to replace my day
Unfortuanately ive been quiet for a few days not been great unfortunately just when i thought i was beating stress/depression whatever you call it, certain people made me feel pretty worthless, so instead of being positive you start to doubt yourself.Well im not going to let it beat me and im going to make sure tomorrow i get back on track, i no longer want people to control how i feel, i need to get control of my life and how i feel.i will be a success on here and this will prove to myself how