Back from Holiday and raring to go

Last Update: July 22, 2018

Well im Back, had a great holiday very relaxing but couldnt get much done on here mainly due to poor internet connection and possibly i needed a Holiday.

My plan for this week is to tidy up my site, add internal links, create a new post and generally carry on with further training.

So what have you all got planned this week?

Im at the stage where i need to decide how and when to promote my site further, i think its at a stage where its looking fairly good, i have a fair amount of posts but i think it just needs some loving tender care.

My goal for the end of August is to get some sign ups and im also thinking of adding anther website which ive had on my mind for a while.

So let me know your goals for the next month or so

Good luck to you all


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newlive Premium
welcome back Brett....we are still here
juanster2017 Premium
Thanks for sharing your plans good luck
WendaSue Premium
Hey Brett!! Welcome back. Glad to hear from you.
All the best,
Wendi :)
dchapman3 Premium
Great to have you back and moving forward with your business.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Brett welcome back that break away can do us the world of good looks like you are back and rearing to go.