Excited to see traffic on my site :

Last Update: May 12, 2017

So I was checking google analytics today, as I do each day and was pleased to see the increase in traffic to my site.

26 new visitors yesterday, I was ecstatic. So I thought I better check a few more of the stats.

26 new users coming direct... Did this mean that I was being found through google search.... No, after referring to the fountain of knowledge that is google I learnt that:

  • It could be that someone typed a domain name into their browser or used a bookmark to directly access your site, and
  • any time Google Analytics cannot determine another source it classifies it as direct.

I continued checking my stats

It looks like a fair portion of my new visitors where in Brazil. Interesting, not somewhere I am sharing my posts.

Finally I checked my bounce rate.

My bounce rate for yesterday, was 100%. When I checked the duration of time spent on the site it was 0 for yesterday, down from 5 to 7 minutes over the previous couple of day.

After my initial euphoria I had been brought back down to earth.

I started wondering why this had happened. After a quick check on Facebook, I found that two people who had shared my link to the site with their followers. One has strong connections to Brazil.

Oh well there is only one thing to do write some more compelling content and post it to the site.

Time to get busy and start writing.

Have a wonderful weekend :)


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drcmaint Premium
Excellent. Well done.
BrendanB1 Premium
Thanks John. It is starting to get going.
MKearns Premium
Great stats Brendan. You rock!
BrendanB1 Premium
Thank you Michael. Early days :)
pablocortina Premium
Awesome. Good work
BrendanB1 Premium
Thanks Pablo, its going in the right direction.
albert22 Premium
Just gotta keep working it.
Thanks -
BrendanB1 Premium
Thanks Albert, yep just getting started.
Carol46 Premium
Excellent Brendan!
BrendanB1 Premium
Thanks Carol, early days but it is a start.