Why I Faced Challenges With YouTube Video Creation with ScreenPal, AI Voiceover, and Captions

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Hi WAers,

I have been absent from my WA blogs for a while because I needed to focus on three significant projects.

  1. I will continue writing and posting content on my website. That is still ongoing with the Hubs, using the AI Designer and AI Author.
  2. Focuses on learning how to create a YouTube video using ScreenPal software. I also needed to figure out how to use the AI Voiceover and get the voiceovers captioned (an actual learning curve).
  3. Tackling other social media platforms. Social media isn't my thing.

Creating engaging videos for your audience can be both exciting and challenging. This blog post will explore my journey using ScreenPal, AI voiceover, and captions to enhance my YouTube videos.

Join me as I share my experiences, challenges faced, solutions discovered, and valuable tips for successful video creation.

My Experience Using ScreenPal, AI Voiceover, and Captions

For me to create YouTube videos. I needed to spend time learning how to do this. I admit. I did not know how to make a video. All of this is new to me. I was excited to try out ScreenPal for its innovative, user-friendly software that I can use on my MacBook Pro.

I downloaded the software and watched ScreenPal tutorials to learn how to use it. Closed captioning was helpful, but video creation is not easy. As I am Deaf, I cannot use my voice, and Siri doesn't understand me. It's frustrating.
Using ScreenPal's recording of the video was an intriguing experience. It offered a quick way to record the videos without recording my voice. I did the video with no sounds.

I needed an AI voiceover and found Eleven Labs, which offers free text-to-speech. I asked the staff to help me find a human-like and professional voice and chose Serena. Her clear and well-pitched voice added a professional touch to my video content.

ScreenPal offered the caption feature, but you had to be a paid subscriber to enable that. I was so frustrated with how to make it work.

The purpose of using the captions feature also proved beneficial in making my videos more accessible to a broader audience, especially those with hearing loss like me or those learning English as a second language. I encourage everyone to think about automatically generating accurate subtitles,

Despite the convenience, editing videos came with challenges. The AI voice and video were out of sync. ScreenPal couldn't caption the video for free. I had to find a workaround to ensure high-quality results.

The Challenges I Faced with These Tools

The challenges became apparent when I started utilizing ScreenPal for video creation. The AI voiceover didn't follow the video; the video was over, and the voiceover continued talking.

Additionally, incorporating AI-generated voice along with captions proved time-consuming as they often required manual editing for accuracy. This slowed down my workflow and delayed the release of new content on my channel.

Adjusting the timing of the video to match the audio was a tedious task that demanded meticulous attention to detail. Any slight inconsistency could result in a disjointed viewing experience for viewers. I didn't want to release those videos until they were corrected.

Despite these hurdles, finding creative ways to work around these challenges has been crucial in enhancing the quality of my YouTube videos. My solution felt complicated. I didn't know what else to do.

Tips and Solutions to Overcome Obstacles in Video Creation

When faced with challenges in video creation using tools like ScreenPal, AI voiceover, and captions, it's essential to have a strategy in place to overcome these obstacles.

One solution is to invest time in understanding the features and functionalities of your tools. If one didn't work, find another one. That truly can help streamline your workflow and maximize each tool's potential.

Another solution for me was to seek out tutorials or online resources that guide the effective use of these tools for video creation. Learning from experts in the field can offer valuable insights and tips that may not be immediately apparent when starting.

Doing more research on the subject was helpful. I even consulted with some members here who gave me their thoughts, but it didn't answer the problem I was trying to solve.

The solution was Canva Pro. It was in front of my eyes the whole time, and I did not know it existed.

I accidentally found the solution using the video format in Canva Pro.

I uploaded my ScreenPal video and then uploaded the Eleven Lan voiceover Serena and attached it to the bottom of the video in Canva Pro. Canva Pro automatically provided captioning using its app plugin, which I had no idea about.

That was a surprise!

However, there was still a problem with speed. I discovered in Canva Pro that I could slow the audio voice down again with the app plugin, which solved the issue.

Now everything is in sync. What a journey!

Please don't hesitate to experiment with different techniques and approaches until you find what works best for your specific needs. That is how I solved these issues. The important thing I had to learn was to be open to trying new methods that can lead to innovative solutions that enhance the quality of my YouTube videos.

Final Thoughts

While YouTube video creation with tools like ScreenPal, AI voiceover, and captions can pose challenges, they also offer immense potential for content creators who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing or struggle with speech issues. The learning curve for me was to figure out what obstacles I faced. Next, implement solutions, such as manually refining voiceover scripts or editing captions. I had to learn how to stay patient and persistent in honing my skills with these tools to create engaging videos on YouTube. I have four more videos to make, and then I will post them on YouTube for the first time.


PS. Have any of you faced challenges with video or creation related to social media? Please Share.

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Hey Brenda, I found this article to be very helpful, as I'm "preparing" to do the same with video content creation and editing, etc., but like you I have no experience. Your article gives many tips and pointers, as well as resources or tools to check out.

Also like you, I've been focusing on my website content creation and SEO, etc., as my knowledge and understanding has increased, I've found things I needed to address that I hadn't before. So, these priorities have delayed my learning to do video creation and editing, but I'll get there. Part of my problem has also been my computer, it's been giving me issues, and I think it's time to go trade it in for a new and powerful one with a warranty! 😅

Anyway, it sounds like we're working on similar goals, and you're a ways ahead of me, so thanks again for sharing your experiences and insights.


It sounds like you are working towards that goal. I am glad it helped. Im still working on mine.

I am just getting ready to embark on creating videos for my website. I don't want to be on screen and I am toying with what I really want to say to my audience and how to do that without being on screen and yet be engaging. I will save your post and look at other posts on the subject then research and practice with the applications. I was a film and video producer for years so know the concepts of good video production but I do not know all the new tools and have only uploaded videos to YouTube of videos that were created for others. I will report back to WA how it goes.

Hi Linda, yes I remember you telling me about your film and video production experience. Im doing faceless for now but eventually I need to get the courage to show my face. People prefer a real person so thats gonna be hard for me. Its hard to be engaging faceless. If its a video about other niches like funny pet videos or real funny video then thats ok but for promoting WA and “make money online, earning passive income” does require face to be shown for the trust issues. I dont know yet this is just hard its a learning curve for me on how to use the software its time consuming.

I've always been the behind the scenes person so this will be challenging. But I'm up for the challenges. Going to see if ChatGPT can help with a script as I am drawing a blank. Have you used Invideo Studio? I have been looking at this to create my video.

Yes I have and not impressed with it because its AI i didn't like the quality it does get the prompts wrong so no go for me. Its new so it did have disclaimer that it will have errors. Its 30 a month for more features so Im not sure i like it. The free version has watermarks so that doesnt help u have to pay to get better quality. If you can afford it great. I can’t! So it's no use for me. Canva Pro is half of that at 15 a month and has a lot of marketing videos that are great quality.

Thanks Brenda. Good to know.

Hey Brenda. Thanks for sharing. ScreenPal premium versions only cost between $2 to $6 per month, and then you would have automated captions in sync.

If you plan to make at least one or more videos per month to fuel your YouTube channel, which you can monetize soon, that small investment is worth it. Many creators, including myself, have made way over $100K in the first year.

My one channel made over $1 million in the first year after monetization kicked in, and that was from only Adsense and affiliate marketing. Two of my channels have quite a few million subscribers already and they keep growing. It is vital to make and upload videos consistently and quite frequently to maximize your Adsense earnings as well as more affiliate sales. You can use Elevenlabs, Speechelo, or quite a few other apps to make life-like voiceovers that sound very human.

Which app do you connect to the Canva video editor? I have not yet experimented a lot with the different apps.

Hi Hein, thanks for sharing your experience with Screenpal and YouTube. I will need to look at my Canva account to see which app plugin was used. If you click that app and type in a search, it will pull it up for you.

I will get back to you on that. Its not five a month for ScreenPal its $10.00-15.00 a month without the annual, the annual is over $100, thats not affordable for me. The prices went up.

Canva Pro is now $15.00 monthly (they jacked up the price, too). Add ScreenPal, which is $30 a month and not affordable. I pay a lot of money for my assisted living care, so that leaves me with not much left at the end of the month.

Eleven Labs also costs money. They all want you to pay for their subscription services. The professional tier is about 25 -29 a month. I'm not exactly sure, so the problem is I can't afford it.

I know the only way to do YouTube is consistently. My internet company jacked up their prices. Im in the USA, and these prices are high because of the economy, and covid pandemic ruined everything.

I can get by using the free account for now, but then I will be forced to use the video with captioning and no sounds (no voiceovers) or add a music soundtrack from Canva Pro. It is tough when I have nothing to start with.

I paid my plus with my CC, paying it off with their no-interest-free plan from my bank, which makes it much easier to build up my credit score. Im trying to avoid debt and paying for all these tools to get YouTube going.

Interestingly, you make a lot of money but do not invest in your membership here; you're still a starter for many years. I understand you already had these content creations on YouTube, so you're still starter-free forever. Im doing that with ScreenPal as long as the video isn't over 15 minutes. I read your bio. Thanks for sharing this.

I know many creators make a lot on YouTube. I avoided it for many years because I didn't know how to do these things. It took a lot of work and it's time-consuming.

Canva captioning that app was called Transcribe CC Audio. They have other AI voiceovers in the app. I will have to play around with it.

If I may ask:
Why do a voiceover with someone else's voice?
Is it because people are doing crazy stuff with other people's social media voices?

Hey Brenda, thanks for sharing this mini-novel. Haha. Sorry to hear that you are struggling financially. Just be consistent in what you do on your websites and make use of all the necessary tools they provide here and you will reap the fruits of your labor soon.

I have not yet upgraded here because I am busy doing three big courses I purchased a few weeks before I joined here and want to focus on getting them done. I am also working on a few projects that need all my attention. So, I will upgrade here once I have enough free time to make the most of it. I should be able to monetize with my WA websites/ blogs within the first few months, give or take... If all goes well and smoothly.

I have been in affiliate marketing and a few other online business models for quite a few years already. It is not new to me, this platform and its tools are fairly new to me, but I am a quick learner and already know how AI, keyword research, competitor research, and so on work. I have also had my digital marketing business since around the inception of the internet. So, I will be able to promote my websites easily on social media and with paid advertising.

If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to ask. I would love to share my knowledge with anyone here. I am also open to suggestions and to learn from you and anybody who can share helpful tips and advice.

Brenda, well be back. The challenge of making videos is to you alone. I have to confess, I have also not succeeded. All my speed at learning came to a hault when I reached this stage!! I am taking your advice. I will try, once again. Thank you , Brenda, for sharing.

Sure, you’re welcome. 😀

It's really great that you remained resilient through the whole thing as persistence can pay off in the end.

You should be very proud of the accomplishments, Brenda. :)

Myra ❤️

Thanks, Myra, that was hard! Thank you. It is so sweet of you to say so! I am humbly accepting that accomplishment. I just need to get the remaining 3 videos done, hopefully this week. I will keep y'all posted when I put the videos on YouTube.

Sounds great! 👍

Yes, you have a great week ahead! 😀

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