I signed up to be tester for Google Bard

Last Update: Mar 21, 2023

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I received an email this morning from one of my Gmail accounts asking me to sign up. I did then I got this email back.

This is legit if you see it go ahead and sign up!

Nice poem 👍🏻🎹🎶



Tsk, I got the invite to try it today. I am not impressed with Bard.

Let me show you screenshot

Ugh, see the red circle? So WA is an MLM company when its an affiliate marketing company; that fact is wrong, so when I clicked the bottom to search Google, there were tons of top sponsored ads with a lot of bad reviews written about this platform being outdated, old and worthless and is an MLM company to recruit members. It says if " you are not comfortable with this business model," meaning MLM "WA" will not be the right program for you." so it's getting its information from top sponsored ads that talk against WA. WOW, I aint impressed with this. I clicked thumbs down 👎👎👎👎

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Hi, Brenda

It’s good that you clicked the thumbs down button to help train Bard.

I find that OpenAI has a lot of inaccurate info, too.

I think it will improve quickly since it has the cumulative mined data and technical resources of Google behind it.

Do you know if there is a paid version?

Rock On 🤘
Frank 🥁🎸

For Bard? I haven't seen any paid version for that yet it's still beta.

OpenAI multiple language training models that uses tokens that you buy including AI images.


I am aware that ChatGPT has the Plus version using tokens to buy. It's in the pricing list.

I won`t be signing up to Bard.

"I`m Bard, your creative and helpful collaborator. I have limitations and won`t always get it right, but your feedback will help me improve" ????

Brainstorm some ways to help me read 20 books this year.

Not sure where to start? You could try:

#1 Draft a packing list for my weekend fishing and camping trip.
#2 Help me understand if lightning strikes in the same place twice.
#3 Outline my blog post about summer mocktail recipes.

Bard has a long way to go. Apparently bard learns from feedback according to google.

Thumbs down for me as well.👎👎👎

LOL, thats bad! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 I agree that Bard has a long way to go.

Hi Brenda,

One comment from Bard stood out. It stated that WA has a money-back guarantee. I wonder how they got that wrong. And they overlooked that WA has a free starter program.

MLM? They have confused the affiliate program with MLM.

Goes to show that Bard is not ready for prime time,

Thumbs down for me too.



Exactly! Stupid Bard, its a dummy, worse than ChatGPT. Its in beta that why, i gave feedback that it isnt true false information. It will improve but has a long way to go with that.

I was reading the first answer and thought I was reading the side of a box of cereal. The MLM reference shot itself in the foot. Thumbs down from me and I am not interested in trying it either. I was. The real McCoy Chatgpt is quite helpful for me so far.

BARD looks to be a Fart or as some call a "Poser". In all honesty, I am disappointed, I realize it's a sample. Maybe it will improve? I expected better actually instead it's just a poser. One of many out there and on the way.

Hi David, it will improve its in beta testing. They will improve it just like they did with ChatGPT. For now the prompts if its error, there is a feedback box says why is it not correct, I wrote WA is not mlm company its affiliate marketing. I felt like saying “you dummy.” But I didnt.

Hey Brenda ! I did the same thing! I signed up and gotten exactly the same email response as you do!

Maria 🌹

Yippee yahoo. It sounds like many people here got signed up. Cool! I am so curious about what it is going to look like.

Maria look back at my post with UPDATE I got in and its not good results please look tell me what ya think?

Wow! Why is that?
I don’t understand???

I was doing research on Google, unfortunately, there’s a lot of negative reviews popping out about WA!

Let me gather them

I’m not thrilled with this at all!

Me too. Not like it either.

The reason why I was researching on WA in Google is for our Kyle’s PPC program.

How did you make out with your Sales page?

I've been wondering how to sign up to Google Bard, now I see that its on invitation only. Let us know how it goes. Thanks for sharing...

Actually you can signup for the waiting list at bard.Google.com

Hi there, Christopher gave you the link; you can sign up to get on the waiting list to test with no problems.

I UPDATED so please read the above post that I add about the experience

Oh thank you!

I just read the update and that's CRAZY. You're right, WA isn't a MLM. It's an affiliate program. No wonder there's so much confusion. Thanks for the update Brenda.

Thank you, Brenda...

You’re welcome :)

That's interesting. Let me know how it turns out for you. :)


Thank you, you can sign up if you want at bard.google.com

Myra, I wrote an Update in this post please go back up and see the screenshot

I saw the update and I might want to check out the link that you sent me.

Thanks, Brenda!


Yes. Go ahead try it.

I did and I got out into a waitlist.


Let me know when you do it

Sure. If you want to try go bard.google.com

Thank you

Sure, you are welcome

Awesome ;)

Hi I wrote an update pls look at the update in this post I show screenshot of my experience with the new bard testing

I guess Baird is not yet ready
Their views and responses seem to be outdated ;)

Yes that is correct, that why it's in beta testing but it's getting bad reviews on tv and social media even the CEO had to defend Bard.

Looking forward to use the finished product

I just made a post about signing up. I can't wait to try it out!

Yes, I saw that after I posted, I thought wowza sounds like many people are signing up for it. That's cool, me too I can't wait to see what it looks like and how it will help us marketers as compared to Bing's ChatGPT which just underwent some upgrades,

Hi Look at my screenshot above I got in and that was quick so now please look at UPDATE tell me what you think?

I just received my email to try it out. It's basically the same as ChatGPT. It gives the option of 2 other drafts of your prompt, though.

Yes, both prompts said MLM company WA aint that. So I gave it thumbs down on both, and one prompt inaccurate it does say that, but by contrast, ChatGPT specifically said WA is an affiliate marketing company which is correct, but Bard isn't so obviously, still in a beta like ChatGpt was before

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