What to Do When People Get Sick and Tired of You

Last Update: December 20, 2018

I'm a huge fan of Michael Hyatt and have learned a ton from him about online business, success, productivity, and more.

I just finished promoting his 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever launch and was a little blown away by the response!

I sent over 4,000 clicks, mostly from email and social media, had a 57% optin conversion rate and wound up making 32 sales, which landed me in the top ten on the leaderboard!

I wanted to pass along a few quick takeaways and then one HUGE piece of advice about what to do when people get "sick and tired of you."

Quick Tips for Killer Affiliate Launches

1.) ONLY promote things you honestly believe will truly be good for the people who click and hopefully purchase. This is how you serve instead of selling and then sleep at night, knowing you've helped make someone else successful.

2.) Email your list early and often. Yes, some people will be annoyed and unsubscribe, but when they unsubscribe, they're not your tribe. The fact is, email works and it's the most personal way to promote anything.

3.) Generously offer bonuses. I manage a group coaching site called The Digital Leadership Lab that is normally $35 per month to join, but I offered free access for six months to anyone who purchased. For most who did, I only earned about one third of the normal membership price from the affiliate commission, but since it's my product, it's still profit, and I get to enlarge my membership in the process.

4.) Don't lose steam! I sent two emails on cart close day. Sometimes I send three. And as usual, more than 60% of my sales came on the last day.

Now what about what to do when people are sick and tired of you?

This morning, I woke up with this kind, friendly email in my inbox...

Obviously, that's a little bothersome, right? But I've gotten used to these now.

Don't misunderstand, most of the replies I get are positive. Tons of people reply with something along the lines of "Thanks for passing along the helpful resources..."

But sometimes, someone is grumpy, for whatever reason. Engaging it with arguments or an angry response is the wrong move. Every time.

I used to be tempted to write back with something like, "But Mom, you signed UP for my list..." (j/k, love my mom).

Instead, here's what I do...

  1. Screenshot it (in case you want to write a blog post about it later on your Wealthy Affiliate blog).
  2. Delete it (and unsubscribe them from your list).
  3. Go on with your life.

Are you marketing honestly, with a strong commitment to being ethical in how you market? Then keep going.

Are you serving your audience before selling to them, keeping their best interests before your own? Then keep going.

The fact is, if you're in digital marketing for long, some people will get sick and tired of you. They'll send a rude reply. They'll unsubscribe. They might even report your email as spam.

And then? Then they're going to move on with their life and never give you another thought. Never waste more time than they do thinking about it.

Be you. Do good. Keep going.

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elores Premium
I like your advice. It's good to forgive and forget. Your mind will be more at ease to move on with your life. Thanks very much for sharing. Happy Holidays.
Sdawson11111 Premium
Great advice, thanks. -Shirley
GlenPalo Premium
Thanks for sharing, Brandon. This is great advice for all.

Be a blessing to someone today.
Talk2Ray Premium
Thanks for the post today Brandon. I haven't got to that point to date but your advice is so good to know in advance.
Not everybody is going to be happy with you and sometimes, especially if they are having a bad day, they respond unkindly.
None the less when it happens as you encourage be kind anyway and move on, it's ok...
Thanks again for your advice.
LauraFuller Premium
Love it. Great advice.