To pay or not to pay, such a question...:-))

Last Update: October 02, 2010

Hello everyone......

 I wanted to ask a question here because I read something that has raised a concern to me and since Kyle and Carson are usually unavailable until Monday I thought someone in here may know.

Is it true that if I renew my years subscription this month that I will be paying the new price???

I joined 2009-05-21.

I found this in the forum from before last June. From Kyle.

The Good News:

(1) You will not be subject to any price increases as you will be grandfathered in at the existing price (as long as you stay an active member).

Sounds good to me but if someone has experienced something else please pass your experience along to the rest of us.....OK?

Thanks for your time.

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Will_W Premium
If you cancel, and return.... You simply have to pay the $97. Thats the end of it.
BradB Premium
Hey thanks for the input everyone....much appreciated.

You know what I did?
I hit the Cancel button.....Yep I did..;-))

I was sitting here asking myself why it bugged me so much that I might have to pay the same price I was going to ask others to where I was promoting WA........

Main reason is that there isn't $97. worth of value in here.
And my humble opinion is that there isn't even $30. worth in here either.
Especially when you can find it online free or in many places for under $40. at a one time cost.

I hope you reach all you goals and that you remember Caveat emptor...(buyer beware).

By for now.

Oh by the way I am typing up a quick post after this where I am offering my WA based domain names before they go into another system.
erussell Premium
If you leave, and then come back, you would have to pay the new price. As long as you continue, you'll be fine.
PMV Premium
Like Joan I think your price is grandfathered too Brad. When I was toying with the idea I went through the initial steps of the payment process to get a definitive answer. I would guess that if someone leaves and comes back they would pay the new price but not sure on that Joan.
jatdebeaune Premium
I'm pretty sure your price is grandfathered in. Why would you renew your yearly subscription in October? Doesn't it expire in May 2011? I think you're OK Brad. What I'm wondering is if someone leaves and comes back, what happens to their price?