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Hello and Good=Bye.

I think that is a line from some movie I saw but it does apply here.

It is nearly time for me to pay my $359... or so for my years subscription,
(I joined a while back so I pay the old rate of $29.00 per month),........and in sitting here crunching numbers I have come to the conclusion that I don't get $29. worth out of Wealthy Affiliate.

And since I cannot justify $29 I am Definitely NOT going to recommend anyone pay $97......YIKES!

Note to WA Fans..........if you can justify the cost with your own results,........ Right-On!!!!..............End of Controversy and emotional out-burst.....OK?

I looked at what I could get here (in theory) and at the monthly costs where I am using the same services Elsewhere and I am paying less than half for the same.
Consider that everything taught can be found either free here, http://www.warriorforum.com/
or in some one time purchased material and it does not add up to a good business decision.

Not the mention the fact that at this price I shouldn't have to double up in the first place.
There is 24/7 support and the up time has been fantastic...everywhere else.

Building a business is what I am doing not participating in a social network or a hobby.

I hope you can testify to a good ROI in your membership ......but I simply can't.

So I'm moving onwards and upwards.

I sincerely hope you will do your own numbers crunch and get the best you can from the internet............Because when you do it right it doesn't need to cost you more than you make....................Wake-up call.
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BradB Premium
Hi guy...
So what do you think of semrush?
Are the mystery numbers below the 10 given of any true value?
Vizm Vaulg Premium
Heya m8. Glad to be onboard.
idm Premium
Hey Brad, nice to meet you.

BradB Premium
Brad here from Van. Isle. I am new to WA as of today, 21st May 2009, I have marketed in the bricks and mortar arena and now want to learn to do it Great online.
This looks like the place to do it.........have a great day.
BradB Premium
Favorite Bumper Sticker.
When I die I wanna go peaceful in my sleep like dear ole Grandpa did.
Not Cryin and Screamin like the passengers in his car......
cocobolo Premium
Hey Brad, as soon as I saw the Vancouver Island I just had to ask you where? I look at the big island all day. Our island is tiny by comparison.
cocobolo Premium
Hey Brad, that's the way we like it! Just kidding. There are only 4 families here year round. Ruxton is less than 1 1/2 miles long, and about .4 mile wide. Only 199 lots all told. If you blinked as you passed, you might miss it!
BradB Premium
Hey Keith so which island are you on, I am living at the foot of Bainbridge ridge in the sticks, nearest town is Pt. Alberni.
BradB Premium
I'm lost?? It must be a small island and I have never heard of the others.
I used to live in Howe sound and got to know the island near there but there is a lot of islands in this part of the world.....I'll look it up in my charts.
Have a great week-end.