Success - $2,000 goal hit.

Last Update: April 06, 2016

These posts are a bit awkward for me. I usually try to avoid how much money I make, but since I haven't posted here for a long time, I decided to reveal where I am at, so you know I am still here and maybe get some inspiration.

It was painful to watch my profile fall in rank by thousands hehehe...

The last month I managed to finally hit one of my $$$ goals that I created a bit over a year back. My first goal was $100 a month (which I was extremely happy for). That I managed to hit somewhere around May 2015.

Next goal was $2K. I did not believe I would hit it even in 2016, but all of a sudden, numbers just kept going up and up (which means there were moments were everything was linear... scary times).

Yes, Amazon is the one that helped me to reach the goal.

Then like $500 is added from other revenue places. So all in all, around $2,100 from one site.

May seem small money for some of you affiliates, but for me, especially in my country, it's extremely good.

How Did I Achieve it?

Just stick to basics, dude. I made the mistake before of searching for different shortcuts or methods for boosting my posts, but in the end, it won't really matter as much as creating a lot of original articles. Just follow the instructions here on this website, then suck it up and keep writing.

It's actually really simple in theory, but for me it was the most difficult thing to master. Keeping my focus on writing is extremely hard with all the distractions on the internet :P

While writing I sometimes want to go check my mail, go to Youtube, check out Twitch, go eat and watch TV series, go see Reddit, check out adsense, play videogames...

I am young, so I have no work discipline >.<

Then I remember I need to keep writing, and after an hour, distraction cycle repeats. I still struggle with it, but I learn to keep myself steady on task. BTW, meditation helps here. But man oh man it's difficult when there is so much distraction.

But if you manage to beat that, the main passive income problem is solved. Just keep writing, just keep hustling. One of those days you will hit it.

10k per month, here I come!!

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limagarc Premium
very happy for you...I am very frustrated myself i joined almost 3 months ago and still 0$ money I created my own site I dont know what I am doing wrong...then I got busy with some things at home and stopped writing now I am really 0% motivated but something deep inside of me keeps telling me don't quit Lina ....sigh...
Samaffiliate Premium
I've just checked your website out and can't see any product reviews or any advertisement.

Do you have any created? Product reviews and advertisements are just two ways to generate income streams with a website but I can't see at all where your intended income streams are incorporated.

Without reviews or advertisements, you won't generate any income.

Have you completed all the training yet?
improveimpac Premium
I have been told it takes six months to get traction. There are some grammar issues in your site you might go back and fix. Those tend to be an issue when people are building authority. I make my teenage daughter proof for me - it's good practice for her and she loves it when mom makes a mistake she can find. I didn't click on any of the products, do they link to amazon? Finally, You need more articles. write, write, write, right!
Boyka Premium
I didn't start to make money till I was on month 5 I think. Don't worry about money yet, just keep hustling girl.
Samaffiliate Premium
Nice, success really is cumulative.

I'm curious to know what niche is your business and how well do you know it?

I have three niches that I'm well informed about, at first did you make the mistake I did like creating a niche you had little information in or did you select your passionate one.

All the best for hitting your $10.000.00 Goal.

Boyka Premium
Naa I luckily picked the right one, but would have almost made a mistake of picking a niche I have 0 interest in.
Congratulations! These are great words of encouragement. I just signed up yesterday and I am already loving the program. I've been having some of the same thoughts: can I research faster ways to help jumpstart my journey and income? I will take your advice and focus on sticking to the program. And it always remains true that content is the most important AND hardest thing to keep up with. I love to write, but it continues be a personal struggle to just sit down and start. Writing is like sharing your soul and that is not always easy to get yourself to do. Keep up the good work!!
chuka Premium
This is superb Alexander! One of the first laws of success is persistence, especially when times get harder. You have proved to yourself that any goal is achievable with hard work, focus and persistence. You overcame the distractions, awesome and well done.
Your next milestone is $10K. I see you in huge success :)
StubearBlack Premium
Ahh this article is so true. I find the deeper I get into my website and the more money I make, the more distracted I am when I write. I don't know what it is.. I still enjoy writing, but like you said we're constantly being bombarded by external stimuli that at times it can be overwhelming. Click here! Buy this! Subscribe to this! Look what X celebrity did! Blah blah blah blah blah. In the end it's not going to help our business. We need to remain focused.

Up until May, I had been seeing some pretty nice exponential growth. Then from April to May I only made $3 more dollars than the previous month. Sometimes even something small like this can take the wind out of your sails temporarily.