All is well.

Last Update: January 06, 2016

I think I haven't blogged for about 6 months now.

No, I haven't quit, nor have I died. I was working quite a lot, even to the point that I stopped hanging out with my friends, just to focus on my work.

And it has paid off.

At this current moment, I can entirely depend on the money I get from affiliate marketing, which is something I could not do half a year ago. It's absolutely crazy for me thinking that I could be working in my apartment, and no boss yelling at you.

My visitor number has gone up tremendously. Up to the point that just adsense alone pays for my rent:

This I managed to gain through keywords alone. It's something that people can do if they follow the training you have here.

Nothing really exceptional in my writing, even bad in grammatical sense. But consistensy is what brought me here, and will guide me to success.

If you are not consistent now, make yourself a goal to go through sweat and tears, and work on it all day throughout 2016.

It was hard, but not giving up is the key.



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KayWinkler Premium
This is a very inspiring story. Thanks for sharing.
Fantastic! So glad for you!
DLansing Premium
Haven't heard or see you around Boyka but good to know you were busy focusing on your business. You've inspired to work harder and be more focus on my business. Thanks!
Maxiam59 Premium
that is great to hear and it gives hope for others all the best
Traveller75 Premium
Good to know Thanks, Congratulations