Black Friday Deal - Even for Yearly Members!

Last Update: Nov 26, 2016


So I just bought a year of WA premium for $300 - what a deal!

There are a lot of scams out there, but there are a lot of signs telling you when it might not be a good idea to buy anything. There are also a lot of marketing schemes that annoy me and turn me off to a product.

WA had no red flags, and it didn't take me long to figure out that WA was legit for sure. I bought a year of premium quickly, and I've never looked back.

If you don't already know, getting WA prem at a yearly rate gives a decent discount preferable to paying monthly, so I was glad to save even a few bucks.

Last year, though, I remember seeing the Black Friday deal and thinking "oh, man, can I get in on this price?" It was a steal.

I couldn't find a way to get in on the discount. I had already bought a year, and I was locked in till my year was up. Only freebie users and monthly subscribers could upgrade at a discount.

I even messaged Kyle. "Hey, man, could I renew early at the Black Friday price?" He was apologetic and understanding but told me I was already saving by paying for yearly anyway. I was disappointed, but at least he linked me to the bonus videos that year. Good customer service!

This year, WA is offering the savings to everyone. Even yearly veteran members! My yearly sub doesn't expire until February, but this year's Black Friday event allows me to lock in on a $300/year price from here on out.

That saves me an extra $60 per year on top of the sweet discount I get for buying yearly. And I'm able to keep that price? For the top dog internet marketers money might be no object, but I'm still a newbie and every penny I can save while building my business is very much appreciated.

So here is a big thanks to Kyle, Carson, and the rest of the WA team for giving me an opportunity to take part in this sale. I'm thankful for it! I aim to see you in Vegas one of these years. :D

And if you are on the fence about paying yearly for this platform, please don't be! If you really want to succeed online, you won't regret it! $300 a year for an online business training platform is really a good price. Buy now! What are you waiting for?

Recent Comments


Yes a far better deal this year Tennyson.!

I'm very excited about it! :D

It is a great deal, congrats :)

It sure is! Thanks!

Yes indeed :)


You simply have to love these guys..!!

I'm really happy they made this decision - it make me an even more loyal member! :D

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