Is Wealthy Affiliate a Legitimate Opportunity After 7 Years

Last Update: Aug 26, 2020

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A lot has changed for me in the past seven years after I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate, that I never imagined would happen. Back in August 2013 when I joined, my goals were far different than where I have ended up. Is Wealthy Affiliate a legitimate opportunity? You bet it is!


Everyone’s journey to achieving success will be different in various ways. In fact many people will have different definitions on what it means to achieve success. Some will see earning enough income to quit their regular job as success and others being able to learn a new skill.

Even though I was already making money online as an eBay Powerseller when I joined WA, I was looking for a new way to scale up my eBay business. Seeing how I already had access to wholesalers, I wanted to learn how to build my own ecommerce website and drop ship products.

I was pleasantly surprised that I am able to build a WordPress website without programming it myself and in a matter of less than a minute, using the WA website builder program. Today we call this website builder Site Rubix, but when I joined in 2013 it was called WordPress Express.

I bet many of you reading this never knew that Site Rubix used to be known as WordPress Express. A lot of things have changed here at Wealthy Affiliate in the seven years I have been a VERY HAPPY member. Kyle & Carson have added so much value to this education platform.

The entire WA website has evolved, just like my journey. Most of us start our journey for the same reason, but how we get there and how soon we achieve the level of success we seek will always be different. This is why you cannot tell newbies when they will start making money.


Did I ever build that ecommerce website I set out to do when I joined seven years ago? NOPE! What happened? It is all Kyle’s fault. He talked me out of it, though he didn’t know it. Yeah, if you are reading this Kyle, you are the reason I never completed that goal of an ecommerce site.

Your training on what affiliate marketing was all about and how any of us could earn a lucrative income in this form of digital marketing changed my mind. All kidding aside, I thank you for that Kyle. I now earn commissions from a few different programs and in several different ways.

However, I needed to change my focus a little and approach my money making goals differently than during my first three or four years as a member. What I am about to explain, you newbies who want to see real financial success, should take note of what I did and did not do until now.

Within a year of me becoming a member I climbed quickly in the WA Ranks. I believe I achieved Ambassador level before my second year here. For quite a while I was ranked at either 3rd, 4th and 5th. Does being a WA Ambassador guarantee you will make money? NOPE!

Then why did I become one? I was helpful and active in the community. That’s how you get and stay there. You will always be an Ambassador, even when not as active in the community. You never lose the knowledge you gain to help others, so don’t fixate on rank 25 and up.


During my years within the top 25 I didn’t make as much money as I am now. About three years ago I decided to be less active within the WA community and let my Ambassador rank drop. I realigned my focus to spend more time doing what would make me money from the WA training.

Thanks to Kyle’s training, and Jay’s too, I not only had a good grasp of how affiliate marketing works but also understood SEO. This is a skill we ALL learn here at Wealthy Affiliate that in and of itself can earn you income. If you are confident in your SEO abilities you can get paid.

In addition to earning money from a few different affiliate marketing programs, I also earned income from writing SEO content for other people’s websites. I wasn’t writing for any of these content creation sites, I wrote directly for the webmasters and small business owners.

Naturally all of this takes time and a lot of that time away from being active within WA. This is why you see my current WA rank within the top 100 instead of the top 25. I still offer a ton of help on the Wealthy Affiliate platform by way of my over 435 Blogs and 80 Training Tutorials.

Just because you may not see me as active here or ranking as an Ambassador, do not think I am not pleased with being a member. I have been a very happy member for 7 years and have NO plans of ever leaving. Can you make money at Wealthy Affiliate? I am and so can you.


About half-way through my time here at Wealthy Affiliate, when looking for more different ways to earn income, I decided to go back and work for someone else. Don’t get me wrong, working from home is a pleasure, but I was missing that element of human to human interaction.

At first, I was going to do Uber. I love driving, meeting new people, and I could do it whenever I got bored with working from home. Then something different came along that still allowed me to drive, meet new people and remain an SEO content writer plus affiliate marketer.

Little did I know that this driving job would take on a whole new dynamic in 2020. What kind of driving job was this? I became a Certified Medical Transportation Technician for the State of New Jersey. I transport all kinds of non-emergency patients to and from doctors and hospitals.

When the Covid-19 pandemic started here in the U.S. both New York & New Jersey were ground zero. We had the most cases and most deaths in the country back then and living in the epicenter of NJ, I was being exposed to the virus every day. It didn’t faze me. I had my PPE.

PPE = Personal Protection Equipment. It got me through the crisis which is mostly gone in NJ. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is also a form of PPE because it teaches you Planning, Patience & Education. Always Plan your money making journey with Patience and continued Education.


If you take the PPE = Planning Patience Education approach to gaining knowledge from the WA training, you will see success in your affiliate marketing journey. Is Wealthy Affiliate a legitimate opportunity to earn you money? It most definitely is when you take the time and effort to learn.

The WA training offers you multiple ways to make money, especially when you look at the different income streams available. Though it is far better to earn income with a niche affiliate marketing website, you can still earn by sharing affiliate links with those you know and meet.

You can choose to make money promoting WA with an affiliate bootcamp website or sharing your affiliate link directly. The training will teach you how to do keyword research, SEO and content writing. Each of these are skills you can freelance to other website owners.

There are even little monetary perks within the WA platform that earn you cash, like earning up to $75 for each training tutorial you create for the community. Then there are the Cash Credits you can earn when becoming a Certified Commenter within the Site Comments platform.

Wealthy Affiliate has so much to offer its members for only $49 per month. Do not procrastinate about really getting into the training and building your affiliate marketing website. It will take time to achieve success but only if you dedicate yourself. I will see you all in another 3 years for my 10th WAnniversary. CHEERS!

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A great post packed with valuable info and motivation.

Wow, your story is so inspiring for me in this morning. Actually I was a little frustrated these days. I have started my journey almost half of a year, but my website haven't got a pageview yet. I almost lost my confidence, but you story gave me confidence again. I'll keep up posting quality articles.

Thanks for your sharing!

You are welcome Camilla. Do not get discouraged. You are at the time in your journey where things seem like they will never get better. I know, I've been there.

The first year can be tough but at least you are learning new things and all of this will lead to success down the road of your journey. Just keep going and all the best.

Hi Rob, that was a lot of reading, but totally worth it. I even took down notes.
Sometimes we get focused on rank and lose out on the real opportunities that are here. Especially the training in boot camp.
I appreciate you sharing your post, something I can learn from.

Best wishes,

You are welcome Michael. I have been known to tell long stories at times, which serves me well when writing long form content. But I am happy you enjoyed it.

Good story Rob, thanks for sharing. I've been retired now for quite some time, and prior to that, I worked from home for a company. A great primer for my WA experience. I was on lockdown before it became a thing. I completely understand the need for that human to human contact. For that reason, I too went to work for someone else. It's only a couple days a week and not for the money. It's more about getting out and living, while helping at the same time.


Thank you Greg. I agree that the need for the human interaction of a work environment does not have to be about the money but rather more about getting out meeting and helping others.

Wow, what an excellent post, Robert!

Your success is a great example of what all of us can do. After 7 years, the hard work has paid off.

You also reminded us on a great lesson of not worrying about ranking or being heavily involved in our first year at WA. That is a big tip for new members to learn from: focus on building your website and the business components of it. That is very important to long-term growth.

I'm about to hit the 1 year mark with WA, and will be publishing a post soon about my update. So your reminder came at the best time for me to reflect on my mistakes and lessons learned. Your post was very eye-opening and valuable.

Thanks for sharing, kudos to you and all the best. On your continued success!



You are welcome Eric and all the best as you complete your first year and continue forward. It is very easy to get distracted and want to socialize within WA, but that doesn't help with what most of us come here learn how to make money online.

Put in the work now. Learn all you can, build and grow your business. It will take lots of time and effort but it will pay off down the road and when it does, then you can socialize more within WA. Success comes from hard work up front.

Yes, Robert.

You make excellent points. I couldn't agree anymore.

I'll continue moving forward. Keep plugging away, put in the time and effort needed to see massive results. I'm committed to doing that each and every day.

Thanks again- all the best,


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