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Did you ever play with Legos when you were a kid? Those Lego interconnecting bricks have changed quite drastically in style over the years. Now the Lego brand appeals to not just kids but every age group up to senior citizens. In this post I am going to explain how to make money with Legos.


Simply put a niche target market is a demographic or specific group of possible customers who would be interested in the products you are marketing. This form of strategic marketing does not promote to everyone, but rather a defined target market of the overall population. This is the basis of affiliate marketing.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate you will have access to hundreds of different niche ideas, all which can be narrowed down into an even more targeted sub niche of the broader market. In this post I will be focusing on the niche of Star Wars. What? You didn't realize that the movie Star Wars is a niche?

Of course it is. Remember that a niche can be any product, service, hobby, interest or passion that certain other people all over the world can relate and enjoy as well. How popular is Star Wars outside of the United States? Extremely popular! In fact, Star Wars movies have been translated into over 50 languages.

The Star Wars brand is HUGE which makes it a popular target niche market to take advantage of and earn a passive income at the same time. However, there are so many ways you can make money in the Star Wars niche, so I will narrow it down into a specific sub niche that appeals to two popular markets.


In the first paragraph of this post I asked you if you had ever played with Legos as a kid and mentioned how much they have changed over the years. Lego has been making building toys since the 1930s, and though there have been other toy companies to come out with similar building blocks, Lego remains #1.

Just like Star Wars, Lego has a HUGE brand with more than 2,300 different types of Lego elements. Building bricks are not all they offer. They have cars, trucks, aircraft, trains, people, a Lego theme park, Lego movies, Lego video games, and of course the different spacecraft from the different Star Wars movies.

By combining the two huge brands, as an affiliate marketer you can leverage both and rake in profits from Lego fans, Star Wars fans, and those specific Lego Star Wars fans. It is a win-win across the board for any affiliate marketer that decides to take this on as the niche idea for their affiliate marketing website.

With Lego building toys being sold all over the world in retail toys stores and online like at Amazon, you will have no problems finding free affiliate programs in this niche that you can join. Even if you were to go onto the LEGO Website and scroll all the way down, you will see that they have an affiliate program.


In order for you to be successful at knowing how to make money with Legos, there are certain techniques, training, tools and resources you will need to get you going. Wealthy Affiliate can help you get started, correctly build, host and maintain your website business, and diversify your earning potential.

Starter Members can get going by joining WA for free, build a WordPress websites in minutes without knowing how to program them, and take the first 10 of 50 training lessons ALL FOR FREE! This gives you enough information to get started. There is no rush for you to upgrade other than wanting to make money.

However, to really reap the benefits you will need a Premium Membership that will unlock the doors and give you Full Access to everything you will need for success, except your own determination and patience to reach your goals. Premium only costs $49.00 per month, which is less than $2.00 per day!

Is investing only $2.00 per day worth it to you for getting a complete education in how to create a WordPress website, learn keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO), write content for websites and blogs, get 24/7/365 technical support, and help from a worldwide community of digital marketers?


Even though I would make my broad Lego niche more target specific to Lego Star Wars, there is still much you can promote and make money from within that target market. There is way more available to you within this focused down specific sub niche of the entire Lego market. Below are just some items to promote.

  • Lego Star Wars Character Kits (dozens available)
  • Lego Star Wars Building Structure Kits (many available)
  • Lego Star Wars Vehicle Kits (dozens available)
  • Lego Star Wars Spacecraft Kits (dozens available)
  • Lego Star Wars Jewelry (dozens available)
  • Lego Star Wars Watches (many available)
  • Lego Star Wars Movies (a couple available)
  • Lego Star Wars Video Games (a couple available)

As you may know by now making money in affiliate marketing is much easier than any other kind of marketing. The reason for this has to do with the simple process of how people will learn and find the products you are recommending. Once you learn how to research keywords, and know SEO, you can get free exposure on Google.

The training here at Wealthy Affiliate is the best in the industry. Not only does it stress the importance that your content is not loaded with an over use of target keywords but rather that it provides an in depth thorough amount of information that will help your website readers. Help others and they will buy from you.

As a consequence of this you will gain trust and this can inspire your website visitors to purchase more than what you are already offering. When buyers feel comfortable they tend to buy more than they originally searched for. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to make money in affiliate marketing for beginners.


As I mentioned earlier those Lego inter-connecting bricks that we built with when we were kids have evolved quite a bit over the years. Now Legos are not just for kids as young as 1 to 2 years old, but adults also enjoy the now very popular form of Lego Model Kits based on TV, Film and Real Life structures.

Whereas the Lego Star Wars Character kits will be geared towards a younger demographic, the model kits of spacecraft like the Millenium Falcon as seen above and that of the really big Imperial Star Destroyer as seen below are more for those in the age group of 12 years old and up. My 57 year old friend builds these.

If you were to create an affiliate marketing website that targeted the Lego Star Wars brand, your target audience would not be restricted to age, giving you more money making opportunities. Of course, you could also earn money from the sales of other Lego products not associated with Star Wars.

There are long-time fans and even newer fans of the entire Star Wars saga wanting to purchase many types of collectibles. Plus there is a good chance that a Star Wars fan is a fan of Lego Batman, Lego Spiderman or any other popular entertainment genre. These can all be combined for bigger profits.


Whether you are a fan of the Lego brand, the Star Wars brand, or any others, being able to learn how to make money with Legos by becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate is fun. By building your website business in this niche, it will be a great investment in your financial future. It's time to be your own boss.

Tap into the growing popularity of a brand like Lego and its thousands of different model kits. Think of the fun you will have in buying some of these great Lego products, building them and writing honest reviews that will convince your website readers as to why they should purchase these kits. That's a fun way to earn.

If you are reading this and you are a Free Starter Member of Wealthy Affiliate, you are in the right place to experience success. However, you will need to invest no more than $2.00 per day and become a Premium Member to get the full amount of training and website building tools for success.

Do you want to see how big and detailed that big Lego Imperial Star Destroyer is? Watch this video of the Lego Senior Designer of this Star Wars kit, who talks about this particular model, how he designed it, and constructs it in an accelerated time-lapse recording. Really Cool! Please leave your comments below.

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wow! Congratulations! I read your blog and i must say that i am really surprised, you really caught my attention because your post is very interessant and attractive and i had to read it all. You have done a great work and I hope to hear from you soon.


Thank you for your kind words Mondra. Happy you liked my post.

I definitely played with Lego as a boy and if the truth was told, I would play with Lego bricks if I happened to come across them in the right setting. Lego never gets old, we are only limited by our imagination. Similar to WA, we are only limited by our imagination.

Great post on how to take a specific passion of our own and turn it into a business. I clicked through and watched the video on the build of the Star Destroyer - thank you for that.

There is always a niche out there for us to explore (I hesitate to use the word exploit) but that is also what we are doing.


You are welcome Alex and I agree with you. If I was in the possession of some Lego bricks right now I would be playing and building with them too.

But even things that are from our childhood, many of them are niches we can definitely exploit or expand on to make them the basis of our affiliate marketing business.

I am happy that you liked the video. It is definitely An example of how imagination and creativity can come together to build something that is just so awesome to display.

Keeping it in mind. I am still to stablize my websites so once done then Legos

Thanks again and God Bless


You are welcome Berenato. There are many niche ideas in the genre of the toys and movies we grew up on.

Sounds interesting. Gonna check it out.

You are welcome Joe. It is a very popular niche that is quickly growing among adults. Lucbizz below is one who chose this as his niche.

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