COVID Finally Got Me!

Last Update: Dec 13, 2021

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This is going to be a very short post.

As the title says it all. The Margroff Household got hit with COVID just after the Thanksgiving holiday and we have all been down as a result.

My poor wife never really had a chance to rest as I did.

I just took time off work. My daughter by CDC recommendations was told not to come back to school until today. I am still off work as I am still feeling a few symptoms, but am on the mend. I look to probably going back to work by this Thursday (maybe). We will see. My employer is strict when it comes to COVID policies. Of course, understandably so. I will abide by their policies and will follow their guidance when it comes to this.

My wife runs a pet-sitting business and had a few clients that went on vacation and she had no choice but to manage their pet's care while they were away. She was not able to rest as she should but is now on the mend as well.


It wore me out. Symptoms for me were rather mild, just a LOT of tiredness. I cannot say I was feeling too ill. But, did not have an appetite and THAT is now starting to return. Just thought I would pop in with a post in case anyone was missing me... not really. Just wanted to give an update.

So I Press On From Here...

Too bad I hadn't started to make any money with my website yet. I made a few changes and created a new site and will work on the new one, because of a few mistakes I made with my 1st one and so it goes from there...

I noticed three new referrals I now have as well. I haven't had a chance to really get into when they signed up. But, they are starters and I hope to see them become paid members in the near future. We will see.

They signed up while I was away the last two weeks. It goes to show, even if you aren't here all the time, you can still get referrals.

Now, to get them to convert... LOL!!

Thanks for taking the time to visit and read. MASH that LIKE THIS! Button below and any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

;Bob Margroff

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Take care. Stay mentally positive.

I was hospitalized last September for covid. My oxygen level was 75, Needed highest oxygen support of 15 litre per min. Was on stage 4b.

Just make sure you have enough oxygen Bob. The oximeter would be a great help to check your oxygen level.

Rest well.

I believe my oxygen levels are fine, now that we are on the mend. I am still a little concerned with my wife as she is still getting tired very easily. I will keep my eye on her. Prayers would be great!

Thanks for the thoughts.


Sure Bob. My prayers go to you and your loved ones.

Everything will be fine. God bless.

Stay safe. Stay well.


Hi Bob,

Sorry to hear about your COVID saga. It’s so sneaky. Glad to hear you’re on the mend though.

When we went to the restaurant for our 40th, everyone had to show proof of vaccination AND wear masks. Except while eating of course. As you explained, even with vaccinations one can catch it. But perhaps in a milder form. It’s the possible transmission to others that is a big worry. Los Angeles City is very strict to avoid the horrors of the past.

Get better soon OK?

Congrats on your new referrals. When I get new referrals I only jump for joy when they complete their profile and goals tasks. Then I know they are serious and read their profile communications. WA pays us cash when these tasks are completed for good reason.

I wish you get many more referrals and upgrades in the days to come.



Hi Edwin,

COVID is just about in the history books for this family. Now that we have had it, we are all naturally immune to it because of the antibodies. I love that we are in the state of South Carolina, no mandates here and it'll stay that way as long as McMaster is governor.

I'll get better as each day passes. Thanks for your thoughts.


I suggest you consider low competition niche website for Amazon/ebay/walmart. Best bet is Amazon.

You can quickly and start making money if you get it right with your article format and niche choice. Wish you best of luck.


Hey there John, thanks for the advice. I am trying some of Partha's potions and advice at the moment with my new site. Even if it is MMO or WA promo site. I'll keep what you suggest in mind, though.


Please get well soon, Bob! :-)


Working on it, and I know you are speaking from experience as well, Mel! Thanks for your thoughts.


You are most welcome Bob! We have to do what we need to maintain optimum health. Hopefully, I can follow thru on that. :-)

Best wishes!


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