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Well, I have decided to come back to spend some time here in the community again. I never actually left WA, just stopped spending time here and was trying to focus on my website some more. But, something just wasn't quite right there either. My brain just couldn't seem to get into it. I know why and will get into that in a bit...First...When my daughter started virtual school last year my wife and I were doing everything we could to make sure Robin, my daughter was keeping up. The public school
Okay, so I got the badge yesterday for being here for 2 years. All the happy 4th posts that I was reading made me forget to post. Oh, that and the fact that I was actually working on my MMO site also. I missed my opportunity to get the badge as my photo, so the image above will have to do.This is not a progress post... just a chance to say that I am happy to be here and thankful that we all have the opportunity to do what we do here... Learn how to create an online business.I look forward to st
Well, this will be real short as I did not have as much progress as I had thought I would last month. First Things First...I didn't get any blog posts done. I had a few issues this month. It appears that I messed up my images a little in the process of trying to increase site speed. I still have to figure out what I did. I do know that by reloading a couple of them has fixed a few of the issues. Google Search Console was telling me about my errors and that it could not find the URL. Of course i
June 28, 2020
Here is an interesting story and Roope's post: me realize that I need to let you all know about other scams that are out there. The collaboration scam isn't the only one out there, as most of you probably already know. I also had a scam attempt fail about 4 days ago. I have a web design business that is fairly new for me (like 3 months). I received a text that was an unknown number to me. I think it w
June 02, 2020
Here I am again... with a website not producing any more referrals... LOL!Well, not necessarily a highly productive month for me... May ended with some progress. But mostly maintenance and school work with my daughter to finish out the school year. She was in the last 4 weeks of school. Well, sort of... there is officially one more week, but it is filled with optional class work for digital learning and that's it. It's all bittersweet that the school year has come to an end, but not in the usua
To Start OffApril was a very slow month for me. I ended up doing more minor maintenance on my site than actual blogging. This is also going to be a short post as well. I will say up front...that next month will be better. OK...On With It Then...To cut to the chase... I didn't do much this month as I was hoping to. I ended up spending more time helping my daughter with her school work in the afternoons and evenings. She is struggling a little with the work given her from her teacher. My mornings
April 02, 2020
Well, March was a little more productive - but not so much either. There won't be much to write here today. The little I have to say is just what it is, small progress. Well, here goes...First...I only produced one blog in the month of March on my MMO website. I really haven't been as motivated this month on this particular website as I should have been. There was another opportunity that was created last month. I'll touch on that a little later.So, I did work on a couple things on my MMO websi
So, I get this e-mail today telling me an invitation has been accepted... and I'm thinking... HUH?!What's that mean... then it clicks...I GOT A REFERRAL!!!It's my first and I want everyone to give a warm WA welcome to Patrina. The link to her profile is:, make your way over to her profile and show her how AWESOME it is to be here!Thanks for your time and attention.Show me some WA love and click LIKE THIS. I wish you all the best!Bob
Ever wonder why you aren't achieving your goals? I do it all the time. I beat myself up over it and figuratively pound my head against the wall.What I Got Accomplished... Pretty much a lot of nothing. I didn't even spend a lot of time here in the community. This month has seen me sleeping in and getting up just in time to shower and go to work. I didn't get up early as I did last month. Just sort of in a funk all month. I wasn't in the mood to work on anything. My bills are piling up and it see
Ever have one of those days? How about a whole month like that?I sat down and set my new goals for the new year and had everything worked out. BUT...First Month of Actually Trying to Focus!!The first month of actually trying to get something more than my "slow by design" on my website. I started my business here as a slow pace to eventually work on getting my website built and producing. I wasn't too concerned with moving real fast and devoting hours on end to get it done. I still wanted to be