New(?) Twitter feature

Last Update: Nov 30, 2014


I just discovered what could be a recently-added Twitter feature. It's new to me anyway.

Are there people you follow on Twitter who are *constantly* retweeting things? While I don't follow very many people, there are a few of them who retweet dozens and dozens of items every day (with most of the items coming from other people I'm already following). While I don't want to mute or unfollow these people, their retweets do get really annoying.

As I was about to mute one especially prolific retweeter, I noticed a new menu item under the "Tools" menu -- "Turn off Retweets". (Click on the gear icon on a person's profile to see this.) If this feature works like I expect it to, I'll still be able to see original tweets from these folks but I won't need to be bothered reading past their excessive retweets.

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Helpful information Bob, I've met similar re-tweet issues.

Thanks, Desmond

Great tip. Thanks.

Turn off retweets is a good tool to have. Thank You for Sharing Bob !!

Interesting to know that. If only I could get into tweeting. It seems like it would take up all of my time. Thanks for sharing. Donna

Since I deliberately limit my twitter involvement, it doesn't take up much of my time at all. I'm only following my two favorite sports teams and a few of my favorite political commentators. (While I'd have to check, I think I have a total of three people following me.) That's about it. I very rarely, if ever, send anything out.

Yes, if I did it that would be the way. I do FB similar. I usually only get on there from 10 - 11 PM. If I did not do it that way then I would be on it all day & I have better things to do w/my time. Ha!

Go for it Bob. Good information

That is wonderful to know, thank you! Christa :)

Good to know. Thank you.

Thanks for the info.

Never knew that. That's the problem of following people with the same interests as yourself, everyone tends to find the same things interesting retweet the same stuff.

Thanks for sharing this!
I've used Twitter off and on for years, and didn't know that you could turn off people's excessive retweets.
That's good to know.

I just saw this capability for the first time yesterday. I'm almost certain that it was added in the most recent Twitter update.

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